Saturday, 26 December 2009


And how long has it been since my last post? Ages I assume?? xP Oh well, I've been busy with my studies and facebook (mostly facebook xP)..Sorry blog, I have two exams to get myself prepared for by January and my birthday's coming up in 4 days, never knew time could past so fast. At first your a baby, next thing you know - you're 17!!

Anyways, this post is really to say how much I appreciate my life and all the people around me :) . That doesn't sound like me xP. Oh well, I was crying in my room - for having an argument with my parents - which I honestly hate to do! And I thought, I might as well write something before death comes, I mean hey, death can practically come any time - so, might as well, get yourself prepared and in anyway you can, let the people who matters know how you feel. And since I'm such an ego person and just cannot say sorry to my parents in person, I thought I might as well write something in my blog for them to read, hopefully when I'm gone xP

So, really, I mean I seriously am sorry for all the things I've done which has upset you, for all the words I've said which might have hurt you in anyway. Any physical or mental injury I've ever caused to you, Mum, Dad, everyone..I AM SORRY! I love you really. It's just that you know, when you're growing up and turning into an adult - that gap between childhood years and going into adulthood, which I call as Kidulthood, is hard AND stressing. With all the peer pressures, and school life, and the work at home - sometimes, you just feel like screaming and maybe, just maybe, sometimes, you can't control yourself and you become as somewhat disrespectful and seriously irritating. I'm sorry, there has been time where I've tried to change, but sadly, my emotions get a bit out of control when people keep on looking down on me and keeps on treating me like a foolish little girl, and hasn't been raised well enough. Truly, to my parents, my brothers and sisters. my relatives, the hard working teachers who's tried to teach me as best as they can, all my friends, and everyone whose known me and has had to be seriously patient with me. I am really really really sorry, I hope you'll forgive me and may peace be upon you.


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