Note: this is the frequently asked questions section of the blog. If this section does not help you answer your question, there's a high possibility that I have no answer to it OR maybe you or anyone else has not asked me the question. So, do ask me if you have any queries, don't always rely on the FAQ ;)

Why do you love to write?
I love talking! I can always find something to talk about with anyone I feel like talking to! What's this got anything to do with the answer? Well, as I've just said, I love talking! So, that's why I love to make short stories long ;) But, I do try to keep my mouth shut most of the times though, as I understand Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alai hi wassalam) once said silence is better. :) Straight to the answer now then, I love writing as it helps me understand my view as well as others (through comments). Other than that, I'd normally read other sources as well before I start writing my own piece - increasing my knowledge, wouldn't you agree? If I were to list my reasons, it would be a LOOOOONNGG list. So, I hope two reasons would do good. ^^

How old are you?
As young as a child, as old as an adult. ^^

Why have you put the penguin and polar bear picture for FAQ?
Well, I got 1001 reasons for it:
1. It's CUTE! >.<
2. Look at the quote - it's clever, innit?!
3. It's CUTE! >.<
For the rest of 998 reasons, please repeat the first two reasons 499 times :)

Note again: This was made up entirely by me to fill my boredom. So, now that I've ran out of ideas, I think I'll say bye. Thank you, bye... ^^


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