Thursday, 20 September 2018

TOFD: Pull your own weight

Ever worked within a team and have one member just sit back, relax while others do the work for them? It's annoying but you can't do anything about it coz you you've still got to get the work done. Well I say enough!

If you see that kid taking advantage of the situation, tell them straight that it's unacceptable. Either get work done or get out! Dramatic - I know. but I'm a drama queen so yeahhh.

I've had people taking advantage of me but that's fine. It was a lesson learnt. Which is why I'm sharing this thought on this post. Looking at the brightside, I learnt a lot more from covering other people's share of work than I imagined. So yeay for me!

So if you know that one person who likes to slack and expect other people do their work for them. Remember, "either get your shit done or get out!"


Wednesday, 19 September 2018

RANT: What Happened to Manners?

So err. How long has it been since my last post?

Well, I'm back and I'm planning on staying, baby! Just last night I decided to sort my daily schedule out since I've recently realized some goals I wish to achieve. Here they are:

* Learn the Korean Language (since I'm planning on going to Korea next year)
* Save *a certain amount of money* per month - for Haji, Travel, and extras.
* Lose weight - God knows how long I've wanted to achieve this!
* Blogging/ Vlogging - anything which will make me write and share my thoughts - anything!
* Start a travelog - since I'm addicted to travelling nowadays - since my previous trip to New Zealand opened my eyes to a whole new definition of beauty.

Anyhow, those are my personal goals. I'll share my business goals some other time (hopefully, possibly?)

Now, after I set those goals, I wrote a schedule which I hope to follow - so that I know I am working towards all goals at one time, not leaving any of it behind. Mind you, I planned on learning Korean since July but kept on holding it off because of work and stuff. Not a very good start, considering how excited I was at first.

So, what exactly is the purpose of this post? Well, as a way to keep myself busy writing, writing a post a day is my target and on my schedule - 1 hour per day. But since I just got back, I didn't exactly have any idea on what to write about. Thus, allow me to rant to my heart's content.

I run a business. An online business - selling customizable phone cases in Malaysia. Business has been good and I like running a business - since I'm more free to do what I want to do. But, wanna know when it turns into a sour experience? When some people don't have any manners.

I get it, you might have had some bad days and you decide to bring other people's mood down with yours. But believe me when I say, your disrespect towards others reflects you as a person - NOT the person your cursing!

I was planning on expanding this post to share an example of my experience but I only have 2 minutes left before my blogging schedule ends so, here, have a smile.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Tips Makan Oats

After 3 odd years off blogging, harini nak tulis sikit tips2 makan oats. You know, the type yang ramai taknak makan sebab

1. Tak Sedap
2. Tengok pun tak naik selera
3. Memang tak sedap

If you're the type yang suka makan oat, dah boleh stop baca. Yang ni aku tulis untuk orang2 mcm aku ni yang punya susah nak makan oats - tapi TERPAKSA makan disebabkan diet punya pasal.

Tak sempat tangkap gambar oats yang aku makan.
Dah cuci dulu mangkuk sebelum terfikir nak tulis post ni
Ni lah green tea yang aku minum pagi tadi

Aaanyhow, aku baru implement tips2 ni tadi and berjaya habiskan oats untuk breakfast! Yeay! Doakan la dapat istiqomah dalam ujian menguruskan badan.


First time aku fail makan oats masa aku try makan kuantiti sama macam nasi, yakni sepinggan. Memang give up awal2 lagi. Punya la tak sedap sampai satu suap terus aku give up. Memang serius tak boleh masuk tekak.

So, tadi aku buat oats 3 SUDU sahaja. Letak air panas pun bagi cukup2, taknak bagi lembik sangat. 3 sudu pun bila tambah air boleh jadi suku mangkuk jugaklah.  Tadi pun susah jugak nak masuk tapi sebab awal2 aku dah set kan dalam kepala by hook or by crook nak habiskan jugak. Muncul lah tips2 di bawah ni untuk membantu aku habiskan 3 sudu oats ni. Punya la tak boleh masuk, rutin makan aku dari 1 minit jadi 10. 10 kot, tak rekod pulak masa tadi. Tapi, for sure memang LAMA GILA.


Aku tak tahu la kalau orang rasa tip ni pelik tapi tadi memang aku buat. Sepanjang mengunyah tu aku memang tepuk lutut aku, especially bila aku rasa nak buang balik yang dah masuk dalam mulut.   Punya la lama sampai naik merah lutut aku. Tak tahu la macam mana, but it worked. Sakit punya pasal engkau lupa kurang enaknya makanan.


Okay, on top of menepuk lutut tu kau fikir la pasal benda lain - macam mana nak cari duit ke, nak kumpul untuk pergi haji ke. Ikut selera fikiran kau. Asalkan kau tak fikir pasal oats tu dalam mulut kau masuk dalam perut kau. Aku waktu phase ni memang merata2 mata aku gerak. Taknak give up tengah jalan punya pasal.


Hahaha. Ayat cliche, aku tahu. Tapi ni la ayat yang aku cakap dekat diri aku sepanjang aku mengunyah, menepuk and memikirkan benda lain. Tak habis2, "don't give up, bihah", "you can do it, bihah", "think of your goals, bihah". Ni pun jadi pembakar semangat jugak waktu makan oats aku tadi.

Panjang jugak aku menulis rupanya. Well, hope this post helps geng2 yang tak minat makan oats macam aku. Ciao! Nak sambung kerja.

PS: Kalau korang nak cari tempat untuk beli custom phone case, jemput la tengok website aku k.


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