Monday, 28 June 2010

Hati manusia

Hati manusia,
memang senang menduga.
Dunia dipandang pada keseluruhannya,
Akhirat dipandang sebelah mata.

Memang betul dunia ni nikmat daripada yang Maha Esa,
Namun, janganlah kita lupa,
Dunia ini tidak ada apa-apa,
Jikalau dibandingkan dengan akhirat yang kekal selamanya.

Akhirat itu pengakhiran kita untuk selama-lamanya,
sanggupkah kita merana di sana, demi dunia yang sementara?

Yakinlah hati bahawa duniamu dekat kepada pengakhiran,
Bejuanglah kamu menentang syaitan,
dan segala macam godaan.

Yakinlah hati bahawa hidup hanya sekadar satu ujian,
Kita perlu sabar menempuh dugaan, teguhkan iman.
Moga kita peroleh kejayaan di akhirat nanti,
dengan senyuman. :)
Kekasaran bahasa, tolong maafkan. 
Tersalah maklumat, tolong maklumkan.
Sebab saya tau..
Pembaca sekalian, mesti baik. :) kan kan?? :D
Terima kasih, Salam~ ^^

Monday, 21 June 2010

Procrastination - we're the best!


Procrastination - we're the best!
We'll get rid of your anxiety and your stress!
We'll make your work (for the moment) INCREDIBLY LESS.
You'll have no worries - 'coz we're the best!

When the time comes,
You'll find your workload's multiplied - all thanks to us!
When the pressures get to you, don't blame us - blame YOURSELF!

:D Salam~ ^^

Moral of the poem: do NOT procrastinate. :)

Friday, 18 June 2010


You never ask for it.
It just comes, knocking on your mind,
Messing with your time.

A minute wasted, seems little at first,
Until that moment where it's turned into an hour or maybe even worse.

Daydreaming, it never is easy to let go,
of those wonderful thoughts they put you through,
to get rid of your sorrows.

Sad it is, to rely on fantasy rather than reality to make you happy.
Which is why it's even sadder when daydreaming becomes an addiction.
Getting out is never easy.

So, before you start daydreaming.
Think of the time you'll waste.

Rather than staying in fantasy,
might as well work harder to get a better reality.

Salam~ ^^

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Jom couple?

Umur masih muda,
Takkan tak mahu merasa?
Nikmat dunia yang sementara?
Jomlah couple..kita masih muda!

Maaf. Ajal datang tak kira umur,
Muda atau tua, belakang kira.
Hidup ini sementara sahaja,
Hidup akhirat untuk selama-lamanya.
Relakah diri dibakar demi nafsu yang tidak ke mana?

Semua orang dah buat,
Bercouple sini dan sana.
Mengapa tidak pula kita?
Kan kita manusia, perlukan cinta?

Bercouple sini dan sana, bukti cinta apa?
Kalau bukan cinta dunia?
Jikalau cinta manusia dikejar, Cinta Tuhan dilupa,
Tidakkah diri ini bagaikan hina?

Bukankah cinta sesuatu yang mulia?
Bukankah cinta itu fitrah manusia?

Ya, memang cinta fitrah manusia,
Memang cinta itu mulia,
Tapi, kalau couple hanya akan membuat Allah murka,
Mulia lagikah cinta itu?
Jangan menyamarkan nafsu dengan nama cinta.!

Tak boleh bercouple untuk membuktikan cinta?

Perkahwinan - satu langkah membuktikan cinta.

Umur masih muda, macam mana?

Sedar diri muda, nak bercinta kenapa?

*Ini adalah sambungan kpd post ini.

Salam~ ^^

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Tudung oh Tudung.

Amat senang untukku berkata,
Tapi, amat payah untuk menghayati makna.
Bacalah wahai saudari Islamku,
Moga dapat menjadi manfaat kepada dirimu dan pelepas tanggungjawabku.

Tudung nipis, tudung halus,
Hanyalah ikutan bisikan syaitan yang dayus.
Trend dikatakan, mana perginya agama pegangan?

Jikalau tudung dipakai,
Tetapi bajunya teramatlah sendat.
Penutupan aurat kite, menepati syarat?

Apa gunanya pujian manusia?
Jikalau Pencipta murka kepada kita?
Aurat bukan untuk ditunjuk kepada seluruh manusia,
Maniskah perasaan dosa?

Bagaimana pula jika kita dicampakkan ke dalam neraka?
Dek kerana penyamaran dosa?
Sekadar pakai tudung tidak cukup saudariku,
Jikalau aurat lain dibiarkan langsung begitu.

Amat senang untukku berkata,
Tapi, amat payah untuk menghayati makna.
Terima kasih kerana sudi membaca,
Moga dapat menjadi manfaat kepada diri kita.

Salam~ ^^

Monday, 14 June 2010

Darah org muda..

Anak muda nak berjuang demi agama,
Namun, dia masih lalai mengejar cinta manusia.
Nak buat macam mana?
Dia baru nak 'mengenal' dunia.

Nasihat dibaca, tutup sebelah mata.
(masuk akal ke ape yg kte kate?)
Janganlah marah anak muda,
Ini peringatan untuk diri jua.

Macam mana nak berjuang demi agama?
Jikalau lebihnya cinta kita kepada dunia?
Janganlah marah anak muda,
Ini peringatan untuk diri jua.

Friday, 11 June 2010

This card I made is for my beloved..

My cute little sis is 8 today! Remembering the fact that she made me a birthday card for me before, -

Yaya: kaklang! I got something for you!
Me: Ok? What?
Hands me a christmas card
Yaya: See? Do you like it?
Me reading the title 'Merry Christmas' and thought whaa?? Opened the card and read
"To my lovely sister, kaklang, hope you enjoy your birthday during christmas time"
Me: I don't like it, I LOVE it! Thank you Nadia :)
Obviously I was touched by this time. A week before my birthday and my little sister gave me a card. WOW.

Now, let me highlight the fact that we do NOT celebrate Christmas. We're Muslims :) It's just that my birthday's on the 30th Dec and her class was making Christmas cards. I was so touched when I got the card from her. It was a black card with a chimney. In the chimney was a 'moveable' santa - in and out the chimney. It was pretty clever for a 7 year old kid, I must admit. Sadly though, I don't know where I've put it since I swapped rooms with my little brothers. T.T So, I can't upload the picture. T.T

Oh well, because of that lovely and touching moment. I thought I might make her a card as well :) Too bad I ain't good in arts though. So, during first lesson, I just studied Mechanics 2. When Pauline came, I asked her to help me since she does arts ^^. Thanks Pauline!! :D We had to go to Mr.Cowburn's class (Thanks Mr.Cowburn!) and asked for plain papers, glue, scissors, pencil, hole puncher and not forgetting some ideas on what to say in the card. At first, I thought of writing
"The older you get, the more responsibilities you'll have. So, you might as well help me around the house more"
But then, sir and pauline thought that was a bit harsh - no matter how much I meant it as a JOKE. (or did I?) hehe. So, then, I had the idea of saying

"Happy 8th birthday Sweetheart!"
But then,'ll be weird. I've hardly been that nice. xP In the end, we came up with this simple 'masterpiece' (hehe):

Warning: I am NOT good in arts.

Happy Birthday Nadia!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

A Level, HERE I COME!!

Salam~ ^^

OK. So today, I finished my AS exams. Mechanics was surprisingly easy (will be considered again when I get my result) and Decision 1 was - as always, 'annoyingly' easy, meaning it may have seen easy but I could have done some mistakes on some questions. Oh well, that's all in the past now.

Tomorrow, InsyaAllah, if I'm still alive - will be the start of my A2 studies! The year 13s (including me) are supposedly starting our A2 courses next week. But, because I would like to do the January exams instead of waiting until June, I guess even four days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) of studying can make a difference.

8 exams to do in January - WOW! Even some teachers are getting concerned now. What on earth has happened to Nabihah? Well, this girl is desperate to go home ASAP! So, allow me to take that risk and let me just show you what I'm capable of..hehe~ InsyaAllah (God's willing).

To all my lovely teachers, (whom I highly doubt you'll read this) I thank you for your concerns. I mean - I have not shown high interests in my studies in AS level, but I promise you (I do?), You are going to see a whole new Nabihah! haha xD 50% of my time on Studying , 20% Facebooking (instead of the other way around) and 30% more on other things! Come on - I am a NORMAL human being! :D

Further Pure 2, Decision Maths 2, Mechanics 2 - I'll cherish you! (will you promise to cherish me too?) <3
Core 3, Core 4, Stats 2 - I'll love you! (as long as you love me too)! <3
Business Studies 3 & 4 - you know I'll never forget you! <3

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Forgiveness (quote)

This is a quote I thought of myself. :) Hope it'll be useful to others ^^

Forgiveness - so easy to be said, but so hard to be felt. It's normal. When you're hurt - Forgiveness seems to be just impossible! All we want is for that person who's caused the pain to feel what they've made us feel. This simple bitterness leads to anger, depression and so many more negative feelings. These negative feelings then makes us treat others badly, as how we've been treated once. The sad cycle then just continues.

Some people are willing to wait for many years only to feed their vengeance and feeling of dominance. One question though, when we let this happen to us - allowing hatred to fill our hearts and take over our life, does that show how well we can dominate others or how others have dominated us? It's better to forgive than fill our hearts with misery and grudge, wouldn't you agree?

One good video I'd like to share:

Monday, 7 June 2010

I wanna do my degree!! but errr... ¬.¬

Degree, here I come!!
..I wish T.T

Gonna be 18 this year! ^^ InsyaAllah. If I were to do my degree, that would be awesome! One PROBLEM though, I don't know how many courses I can take! I'm thinking of taking 4, but don't know if the uni will let me? :( What Uni I'm talking about? Of course, the one and only - International Islamic University Malaysia :) I've always wanted to go to this uni, but don't know if I can. :( Oh well, there's always Oxford if IIUM doesn't accept me. :D haha xD. Back to my point, why am I so excited for this degree of mine? Well, my future degree I meant. At the moment, I'm studying at Burleigh Community College, doing my AS levels. If and when I go back home in Malaysia, they (IIUM) said
"u can use the A-level (in this we mean the Advanced Level Certificate) to be enrolled in our Undergraduate program proceed for Degree"
Reasons why its cool:
1. Most of my friends are doing matriculation. I'm ahead?! hee~~ :D
2. A 22 year old 'friend' is starting his degree this September, in some other uni (he had to get years of working experience before he could do his degree before this). Me going in uni next year would mean he's only a year ahead of me - 4 years difference in our age, 1 year difference in our studies! muahahahaha xDD
3. I personally never wanted to go to uni. I've always thought of starting my own business instead of furthering studies in uni. Going uni early means leaving uni early which means less money used. :)

Oh well, maybe I'm ambitious, maybe I daydream too much. But, who can ever deny the thrill it gives me to even think about doing this degree?! xP There may have been loads of other people who's done their degree earlier than my age. Who cares - I'm psyched just thinking about uni!! And then I can start my business, and make money and start contributing rather than taking for once in a while. ^^

One thing missing though - the Advanced Level Certificate!! As I've said, currently I'm doing AS level. To get the whole Advanced Level Certificate, I need to do another one year of A2 level. Only then will I have the Advanced Level Certificate, and ONLY then will I be able to 'enroll' myself in the degree thing. Because I cannot wait for a whole year to finish my Advanced Level Certificate, I've told my parents to let me do the A2 exams in January!
The whole school year starts from September until July - exams are done in January and May/ June, meaning I may only do half of the academic school year before the exams. I NEED TO WORK HARD - I KNOW!
Well, actually, for A2 levels, we're starting our 'year' from the next two weeks. By the 14th of June 2010, we will be doing around 5 weeks of school before we break off for the summer holidays. ^^ Obviously I'm planning on studying during the summer holidays and making the school days as my revision. So, degree is still quite far away at the moment.


Oops..wait..I've still got two exams to focus on at the minute. Mechanics 1 and Decision 1 exams next Wednesday - further maths stuff. T.T. STUDY NABIHAH!! So, I really should change my motto for the time being to


Ok. I think I've wrote enough. Salam ^^

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Before I go

Before I go,

Allow me to write this,

To get rid of my deep sorrow.

Please - may I ask you, to read first before you diss. :)

Mama, ayah,

I've loved you with all my heart,

and always will until the day I die.

But sometimes, arrogance and anger gets the best out of me,

and there goes my screams and arguments,

I beg you two,

Please, forgive me.

All my teachers, I thank you.

For being patient with me and my attitude.

Before my time is due,

Please pardon me for the pains I've put you through.

My siblings, my relatives, my joy.

You guys add the flavours in my life, and I thank you.

Had fights and laughters - who can deny that we are one?

I have no doubts that my time is near,

So, please forgive me for all that I've done.

My friends, my readers, and all the people that's around me.

My words can be painful at times,

I realise that now.

Please can you be a dear, and pardon me?

Now, before you get the wrong idea,

I am not going to commit suicide or anything similar.

This is only a note I feel I should write,

To let you know the pain I feel inside.

It never is easy to live a life filled with guilts,

nor is it easy to live a life filled with arrogance and stupidity.

Saying sorry face-to-face is hard for me.

So, I thought writing this would be easy.

And no, I am not asking for your sympathy,

All I'm asking for is your forgiveness, please believe me.


"Kaklang, you're getting married?"

Salam~ ^^

OK, while I was checking my blog, my 10 year old brother walked pass behind me. So, he saw a 'glimpse' of my blog. Unfortunately though, he read the title 'I'm getting married!!' - one of my entries from before. Please read the short entry first before you assume anything. ok? ^^ OR, you can just read through this one and you'll get the idea later ^^.

So, back to my story. After my bro saw that entry (only the title), our heated conversation started:

Bro: Kaklang, you're getting married?!
Me: What? (since I was focused on the blog and didn't hear him properly)
Bro: You're getting married?
Me: What?! No! Who told you that?
Bro: Then, why was that thing saying you're getting married?
Me: Haha..That was a joke..
Bro: No, it wasn't.! I'm gonna tell everyone now.! :)
Me: I am NOT getting married!
Bro: I'm gonna say you ARE married! :)
Me: Yeaahh..tell 'em..
Bro: Kaklang, you can't get married! You're too young!
Me: ....

Ishh3..little kids, give them one more year and they can technically act like your parents. -.-'

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Learnt a lesson today~~ nycee ^^

So, last night I wanted to try my very first 'Roti Jala', without the help of my mum, after a friend of hers shared her recipe. It was after dinner when I was keen on making one. The trouble with me - I get motivated easily WITHOUT any warnings. Once I feel like doing something, I just do it! Even cooking - as much as I hate cooking, once I get the 'urge' to cook, I'll cook! Too bad it doesn't happen easily in the case to studying though =.=.

Today, after my failed attempts of carrying on with the 'Roti Jala' - it was good, just needed some improvements in the recipe - I added too much of an ingredient and don't know how to fix it. OR, I just gave up and wanted to move on to making a Sponge cake - pandan paste - my favourite! Sadly though, my mother somewhat told me not to before she went out to work. You'll see how this affects me later on.

With my stubborn self, I figured baking a cake won't hurt that much. Plus, it would be a well good surprise to her once I show her the cake, wouldn't it? So, I asked my lovely little siblings "Who wants some cake?" and they went like "ME!". And so I started looking up a new recipe - the old recipe was quite hard and time consuming - I figured finding an easier one would do me good. ^^

As much as I hate myself for this, after I've sifted the flour and sugar, I found out we've ran out of BUTTER!! Guess I deserved it for not listening to my mum..oh well...=.=

Alhamdulillah, that'll ought to teach me to be a better 'listener' :)


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