Wednesday, 27 January 2010

I got my mug!! ^-^

Alhamdulillah, my long wait for my well-deserved prize is finally here! :) The holiday competition required me to submit at least 25 articles and it needs to be approved by the editorial team for me to qualify. What makes this all a big thing? Well, for one, I never actually knew about the competition until the closing date. It started on 23/11/09 I think and the closing date was the new year. At the same day the 3rd HAHD Marathon began. This is where we need to write at least 100 articles in order to qualify. Before the 1st of Jan, I have written around 13 articles to get myself ready for this 'marathon'. Fortunately for me, I received an email telling me about the Holiday competition that I nearly missed. It would be easy if I just told myself not to do it, since I ran out of time anyway, but as easy as it could be, I just had to put myself through the struggle! So, I had no idea how, but I just submitted the articles I've 'prepared'. At least, that's what I tried to do, until I found out I ran out of article submissions, since I was still a 'basic' member. How upset I was, it's not just about the 'struggle', what I really wanted was the cute snowman mug that I felt was just a MUST to have one. Not only will it give me something to be proud of, but something I can always use to remind myself of what I can do when I just put my mind into it, regardless of time restrictions and other constraints.

People, usually heroes in movies and children's cartoons always say, "Never give up!" and that was exactly what I did. Because I knew this offer could not last forever, I sent an email to the site asking about the problem I faced and thankfully, due to my unusual circumstances, they allowed me to have a 1 week extension and I managed to submit all the articles needed by then. :) And now, I have my mug with me, along with an unexpected coffee and leather coaster! :)

Next up, 3rd HAHD Marathon, here I come! After, I ace my business test tomorrow. Till then, anyone got any bright ideas on what topic I may write about? If so, do send an email to or simply leave a comment on this post. ^-^


Monday, 25 January 2010

Women and Mimosa Pudica (pokok Semalu)

There was once been said that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was walking with his daughter, Fatimah. While passing by a dates palm, Fatimah accidentally stepped on a Mimosa Pudica and her feet bled. She asked her father (PBUH), what is the use of the plant growing there? The Prophet (PBUH) explained that the phsical characteristics of the plant was closely related with women. 4 aspects that can be taken as a lesson from the plant's features.

1. The way in which the plant closes every time it is touched. This can be linked that women needs to have a sense of shyness at certain places or situations.

2. Mimosa Pudica has sharp thorns to defend itself, symbolising that women needs to know how to defend herself and her dignity.

3. The roots of the plant are strong and it holds on to the ground tightly. This shows that a religious woman needs to be faithful, as if the heart is rooted with this strong faith.

4. A Mimosa Pudica folds itself as the sun sets, as if this beautiful creation of Allah (SWT) is reminding the women to go back home as night comes. According to the history of aihaqi, there are 99 parts of attraction in a woman, compared to a man, and because of it, Allah (SWT) bestows the sense of shyness to women.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

I do NOT like cooking

I'm sorry to say, but cooking just doesn't really make my day.
For my sake, I must say,
Whoever tells me to cook, You'll only find me play,
with the pan and the forks, and no NOT a single thing will I fry,
for cooking just doesn't suit my 'taste',
all I can do is eat and eat all day.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Sometimes, you just have to forgive and forget

When I was in my secondary school years, I used to get myself into a lot of arguments with my teachers. I didn't really know why, but it seemed as though I was their favourite 'victim' in class. I used to get teased by this one particular teacher, in front of the whole class. How embarrassing! But, as always, I try to play it cool, and instead of giving in to her, I declared a war! I mean, when a teacher just tease you all the time, of course, you'd get fed up. So, I talked back, don't worry, no one was harmed - I'm not the kind of person that hits someone only because they trash talk me. I felt so good every time I 'win' an argument with her. I felt as if I was on top of the world and no one can bring me down, until, that 'beloved' teacher of mine started questioning how my parents raised me. My heart just raced like never before, my face burned red out of disbelieve. Right at that moment, I just wanted to fight like never before, but then, I figured, there's no point in back talking, it's obvious she'll never listen. Plus, she might just bad mouth my parents even more. How dare she questioned how I was raised, I mean I know I may be a pain in the neck to her, but that has got nothing to do with my parents. I was a trouble to her cos' she was a trouble to me. If it wasn't because of her mouth, other teachers would treat me as normal. But, unfortunately for me, she just had to make me 'famous' to all the other teachers. Next thing I know, most of the teachers that taught me gave me this disapproving look every time they see me, no matter how good I was in their class.

I don't really know what their problem is, I guess it could be because I'm always late in handing in my homeworks on time. But then, if you're a teacher and your student doesn't hand in the work that you set, is teasing them really going to make it any better? NO! You'll just make her a rebel, and that was technically what happened with me, I tried so hard to actually do all the work she gave me, but it never was enough. So, I just gave up, I mean, if she's (the teacher) just going to carry on making fun of me and my effort, why should I bother even trying when she's not going to appreciate it? Ever heard of the term 'Self-Fulfilling Prophecy'?I might as well just be that person she describes me as, a lazy kid with nothing better to do. But, never will I ever agree with her saying my parents hasn't raised me well. If my parents didn't raise a good child, I would be like one of those girls from the street that would do anything just to get money. Sure I may be a rebel, but that's only because you keep on treating like I'm some sort of garbage. You want respect, you give respect!

Looking back, yeah sure I felt good for 'defending' myself and standing my ground, but there will always be a regret in my heart which I just cannot get rid of. It may be that teasing me is their way of getting me to work harder, and though it didn't succeed as they may have hoped, I should never have been so disrespectful to them. This guilt has been eating me since the day I left the school. I left the school on my third year there because I followed my dad furthering his studies in the UK. On my last day at that particular school, I wanted to, but I didn't say sorry to the teachers I've wronged. And now, my only hope is to meet them when I get back to my home country. From what I know though, the teacher has moved school. Looks like I have to stick with this guilt until I see her, wherever she may be.

My Story

Hello, my names is Nabihah and I am a 17 going on 18 years young girl. And this is My Story. I was born on the 30th December 92 at 11.59 am. Dramatic not, if I were born 1 minute before midnight, that would be so cool. But, I guess I can't complain, I mean, if I were to be in my mother's womb until 11.59 pm, I might not even make it out alive. So, enough said, I'm thankful to be here - to breathe, to eat, to drink, no matter how early or late I was born. Alhamdulillah.

When I was young, there was nothing I loved more than attention. You see, I was the third and youngest child for about five years, before my beloved brother was born. When you're the youngest, you'll pretty much get spoiled as if nothing you do is wrong, and that's how I liked it - who wouldn't? As time passed, like anyone else, I grew every single second I breathed and think, and then I had my little baby brother whom I loved ever so dearly, at least, when he was a baby. Now that he's turning 13, it's like a war field everytime we meet, well not most of the time but we easily get into fights every now and then. Guess it's just one the many wonderful things in life that I just cannot miss. By the way, I forgot to mention, I am now the third out of seven children that my parents are blessed with. :D

Friday, 8 January 2010

Let's get ready!!

Arghh!! Hear this - I'm having an exam by the 11th and 19th January 2010, a proper AS level exam, Core 1 maths and Decision 1 maths, but I've not revised a single thing! I had two weeks christmas holidays started from the 19th of Dec till the 4th of January - surprisingly, I didn't touch a single book, well maybe I opened my Maths book when my mum realised I had exam coming but never actually revised for it. Why I did such foolish thing you ask? the start of the hols, I rushed myself to do a work which was supposedly handed in on friday the 18th, (handed it in on saturday midnight), but turned out it was due on fri the week after school starts (How uncool is that?!). I went to a friend's house for a sleepover, and then I had my other friends coming and having a sleepover at my house and then this contest, where I had to write 25 articles in 10 days, but in my case - a week, that I just had to enter just made me think, "'ll have saturday and sunday to revise". To be honest, I completely forgot about the exams, until Roshni reminded me of it on FaceBook xD. And now, that I've submitted about 26 articles for the contest, I think I'm ready to start studying, don't you? Why on Earth am I still on the computer? Well, I think I'll be off now and get ready for school. Bye (:


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