Thursday, 21 October 2010

Please don't cry...

Please don't cry,

I've cried my tears out dry,

It's not your turn now,

So please don't cry.


Deactivation seemed the best thing to try,

In order to reduce the plight.

But, oh how sly!

He said that to make me forget my plan!


Looks like you'll have to be stuck with me,

Through laughters or cries,

And don't forget to pay for my flight,

If not to Malaysia, Spain would be alright. ;)


Here, have a cute teddy with a cute lolly. :)

Credits to Umar Mujahid for this drawing of his. :)

Monday, 18 October 2010


Stressed, bored and everything nice. All these bittersweet feelings mixed all together leads to - an entry! :D Not about anything serious, just a simple entry about someone really really special! :) He's cute, he's nice, he's everything adorable made into one. I give you - atok! :)

Atok on AidilAdha :)

How old is he?

Curently, he's 3 years and 3 months old! :) Cute, ain't he? :D His name's Adzwar. :)

Why I call this little cute boy atok?

Well, it's quite a long story. It was on boxing day when I started calling him atok. I went to some shopping outlet or something and met his family there. Because I had no money and left the shopping stuff to my parents, I looked after Adzwar with his not-so-old sister. Apparently, I was an 'auntie' to him. OMG! I'm not even married yet, and he calls me auntie? huhu..Everyone else calls me kaklang and he calls me auntie? I was hurt. :'( But, at the same time, it started a fun episode for us.

Me: Auntie? I'm still young. I'm not an auntie. :(
Atok: Auntie! :D
Me: Humphh..Well, if you call me auntie, I'll call you atok then! :D Atok! Atok!
Atok: Auntie! Auntie! :D

Starting that day onwards, I just called him atok, and some other people as well. :D So, if I call you atok, be honoured! hee~ :D

He's like a cat nowadays~

Before this, if he was shy, he'd run to his mum and just never let anyone take his picture. And me? I broke the record - as can be read here. But, lately, he's been really really shy. Seriously, he acts like a CAT! He's cute like a cat as well, as I'm sure Shu'bah would agree. :P

Once, I was on my way to school - I was pretty late and hardly anyone was around the area. I walked hurriedly until, I came pass a cat. It was a black and white cat. It just stared at me as I was walking and after I passed it - that cat actually FOLLOWED me! It was adorable yet creepy. =.= I had lots of questions running in my head - do I smell like fish? Is it gonna scratch me? Is it gonna follow me to class? Is it gonna kill me? Yet, the cat was somewhat scared of me. Whenever I stopped and looked back, it'd stop as well. When I went to it, it ran away. But, when I went back in my direction, it started following back. Seriously, I was late and a cat was following me around. After a while, when the cat was quite far from its owner's home and in the pathway to my school, it stopped a I continued to walk and it kept on miaowing all the way through. Maybe it wanted me to feed it or something. But then, everytime I tried making my way to it, it just ran away. So, how EXACTLY CAN I feed it?

Ok, enough of the cat story. Back to atok - before this, after I've broken the record of being the person he doesn't mind taking pictures of him, he'd be very happy to see me and claimed I was his girlfriend or best friend. Now on the other hand, he's always shy nowadays and it's just weird how a 'best friend' can be this shy. On KAFA last Saturday, while I was playing with a little girl, Imanina, whom I played 'Big Bad Wolf' with before, atok's sister told me to go to atok and so I went. She literally pushed me to go to him and he literally RAN from me, screaming to his mum. Shocked, I said "I'm being pushed to come here" to his mum after feeling sorry for her as her son screamed for her to pick him up. That was weird but what was even weirder was when I got there. His screams wasn't because he was scared, he was just being playful and shy! :) The cute little boy! :) So, I made my way back to Imanina when atok actually came after me! :D

Why am I relating cats to atok?

Because, there's this bigger atok who is like 20+ years old who loves cats. The way he talks about cats, the way he takes care of them is something quite extraordinary to me. It all seems quite unusual to me - It's as if the word atok can affect one's behaviour towards cats. haha.  There's this other person who hates cats without any specific reasons - maybe I need to start calling him atok - maybe then he'll start loving cats! haha. But then, kak meow belang seems to love cats - and I don't call her atok! Maybe it's just this not-atok's problem for hating cats. :P

Ok, that was the story of how I started calling people atok. :) Well, sort of.. :)

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

"It's ok. At least I've learnt something new." :')

This happened last Friday after my Further Pure 2 chapter 1 progress test. The experience taught me one important lesson - just because I've revised and went through the work Sir's given doesn't mean I've mastered the subject, nor does it mean I need no more practice. In fact, I think I've learnt quite the opposite - no matter how much you've learnt, there will always be some bits that may have been overlooked or unnnoticed.

In this case, an unexpected, never seen before type-question popped out in the test. So, most of us was really quite stuck. As I've mentioned, it was a progress test for complex numbers. Before the test, I truthfully thought I was ready. I came in class with full confidence that I'd be able to ace it. Unfortunately, one weird proof question popped out - I had no idea how to do it, how I were to even start it. A couple of students asked Sir but being a girl that thinks asking a teacher for help during a test is cheating, I decided to ignore what Sir's answer was. Plus, I couldn't hear him clearly and I didn't have my glasses on to see what he wrote on the board (I think). So, I decided to just leave my answer to that question blank. Dissapointed with myself? COMPLETELY!

Sir said after we finish our test, we can leave the class if we choose to. And I was technically the last person to finish it - all because of that ONE question I had no idea HOW to work out! But, since I didn't want to be a loner, I handed in my answers and said "Sir, now that I've handed in my test. Can you teach me how to do question B please?" and of course, as always, being the helpful teacher he is, he taught me through the question. It seemed so easy after he went through it. How sad I was. In fact, I was sad even before I asked him to help me.

I think my disappointment was a bit too obvious since Sir said "I shouldn't have put that kind of question in", maybe after guessing I was upset with my 'failure'. Fortunately, I reminded myself to be thankful. Alhamdulillah. So, I replied "It's ok. At least I learnt something new :')" and Sir said "Yes, you have". Saying that really did help the burden off my chest, but I still had tears just waiting to get out and so I went to the loo - let the frustration out straight to my face. And yes, I managed to smile after that! :) Alhamdulillah. :)

Today, I got back my result as a C. It was a short test, I lost 3 marks on that particular 'difficult' question, and did some careless mistakes which costed me 2 marks on the next question and I've somehow lost a mark on a 7 mark question (although I'm sure I should've gotten a full 7 on that one), which gave me an overall mark of 10/16 - 63%. To say the least, I'm not that happy but at the same time I'm not that sad. I mean hey, at least I've learnt something new! :) Plus the fact that Sir complimented me on my 'honesty' for not answering the question instead of just giving what he claims as 'garbage' in order to gamble for marks like how some students did, I'm quite happy to say the least.

So, two lessons learnt:

1. Knowledge can never be achieved in full perfection,
so learn as much to cover the most that we can possibly can.
2. When failure comes, focus on the positives and work for a better future. :)

Salam~ :)

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Sehari dengan hati.

Syukur pada Ilahi,
Diri masih bernafas lagi,
Peluang keemasan untuk memperbaiki diri,
dan tingkatkan iman di dalam hati.

Zohor datang ziarah lagi,
Tertanya diri,
Sudah sembuhkah wahai hati?
Atau masih lalai dengan cinta duniawi?

Asar, lagi peluang yang diberi Ilahi,
Untuk sucikan hati, perbaikkan diri.
Selamatkan diri dari azab yang tidak terperi,
Sudah insafkah engkau wahai hati?

Dapat berjumpa maghrib pada hari ini,
Hari esok tidak tentu lagi,
Diri, sudah cukupkah jasadmu berbakti?
Ikhlas demi Tuhan yang Maha Tinggi?

Alhamdulillah, Isya' hadir sekali lagi,
Namun diri, sudahkah engkau periksa hati?
Cinta Allah-kah yang menjadi prioriti?
Atau janji manusia yang tidak pernah pasti?

Itulah dia,
Episod 'sehari dengan hati'.
Moga episod ini sentiasa diulangi,
Agar dapat ku insafi,
Akan kekerdilan diri di hadapan Ilahi.

A glimpse of Land's End, Cornwall. :)

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Engkau NAK lelaki soleh?

"Siapa yang dapat jawab, kita hadiahkan doa" kata abang fasilitator tu.
Lantas, tanganku pun terangkat tinggi-tinggi. Dari tadi ada hasrat ingin menjawab, malu je - itu masalahnya.

"Ha, itu nak doa la tu. Bagus3. Datang sini, jawab dekat depan" Sambung abang fasilitator. "Nama apa?" dia tanya.

"Nabihah" senang aku menjawab.

*Ha? Itu je soalannye? hehe. takde5. itu dia bertanya nama je, takde hadiah untuk nama. :)*

"Ok, soalannya, kenapa kita lebih malu dengan manusia daripada malu dengan Allah?" abang tu tanya.

"err.." fikiranku kosong. Jawapan yang entah pape mengisi otakku. "entah. sebab dorg malu dengan manusia kot" Jawabku ringkas. Terdetik di hati "aik. bukan tu soalan ke?" Muka dah makin merah, berdiri di hadapan 200 lebih pelajar, cikgu pun ada. Buat malu je. T.T Takpe3. nak buat macam mana? Bila orang tanya soalan, tak habis fikir jawapan, terus rajin mengangkat tangan. 

Abang fasilitator tu pun, macam faham budak seorang ni dah malu, tanya lah soalan lain - soalan yang seakan-akan solan yang pertama, cume subjek malu ditukar jadi berus gigi. "Kenapa manusia berus gigi bila berjumpa dengan kawan2 dan manusia lain, tetapi tidak memberus gigi apabila solat?"

"hurrmm..sebab diorang malu mulut berbau kut. dah jumpa face to face dengan manusia. Waktu solat, diorang tak nampak Allah. So, mungkin diorang lupa kot yang Allah nampak diorang" jawapku, mengharap persetujuan dari abang fasilitator tu. 

"ok la jawapan tu." jawap si abang F tu. "Ok. untuk hadiah adik, jom kita semua tadah tangan, bacakan doa untuk adik Nabihah ni" Semua murid tadah tangan, pandang aku. Segan yang dirasakan tak terkata tingginya.
Aku pun tadah la tangan, mengharapkan doa yang akan abang F tu baca doa yang baik2 dan akan dimakbulkan.

"Ya Allah ya Tuhan kami, kurniakanlah kepada adik Nabihah Md Zaid ini taufiq dan hidayahMu, tunjukilah dia jalan yang benar. Perbaikkanlah akhlak dan ibadahnya. Jadikanlah dia seorang anak yang patuh kepada kedua ibu bapanya, Kurniakanlah kepadanya lelaki yang soleh sebagai suaminya dan jadikanlah dia seorang isteri yang solehah. Kurniakanlah kepadanya zuriat yang baik dan matikanlah dia dalam keadaan khusnul khotimah. Berkatilah, rahmatilah dan redhailah dia. Ameen" baca abang F. Kami pun turut mengaminkan doa tersebut. Hatiku waktu tu, bukan main gembira lagi, dapat doa sebegitu baik dan diaminkan oleh lebih dari 200 orang. Alhamdulillah. Moga Allah makbulkan. :)

Habis sesi ceramah tu, aku menunggu dengan kawan2 di perhentian bas yang terletak di seberang sekolah, menanti kedatangan ibu bapaku. Sedang kami gelak ketawa, bergurau senda, salah seorang dari kawanku, S, berkata "Nabihah. Engkau tahu tak tadi ramai orang aminkan doa tadi. Lagi tinggi peluang dimakbulkan."

Pelik dengan nada S berkata, aku pun menjwab "Yeah? So? Bagus la tuh? :D"

"Engkau nak ke kahwin dengan lelaki soleh?" tanya S.

"Of course la, siapa yang tak mahu?" jawapku ringkas.

"Seriously? Nanti dia kongkong engkau kang? Suruh pakai tudung la, ini la, itu la" S bekata lagi.

"Aku OK je. Kalau dia lelaki soleh, of course la dia seorang yang baik. Kalau aku buat salah, dia perbetulkan. Kalau aku tak pakai tudung, dia ingatkan aku untuk pakai. Kan bagus? Ada orang yang akan mengingatkan aku bila aku lupa. Boleh selamatkan aku dari api neraka, InsyaAllah." jawapanku, panjang lebar.

"Hmm. Engkau iman tinggi, aku bukan macam engkau la. Rimas aku kalau ada orang kongkong aku" jawap S.

"Ha? Macam mana engkau boleh ukur aku punya iman pulak ni? Kalau dia kongkong, itu untuk kebaikan engkau jugak. Tapi, kalau dia memang betul seorang lelaki yang soleh, mana boleh dia kongkong engkau, dakwah perlu berhikmah. Kan?" jawap aku, mengharapkan dia boleh nampak kebaikan dalam 'lelaki soleh'. 
"Hmm. maybe." jawap S ringkas. Mungkin malas nak berdebat, mungkin dia dah nampak point aku. Yang pasti, aku harap doa tadi dimakbulkan Allah S.W.T. :)
Episod ni berlaku waktu diri ini sedang di bangku sekolah menengah. Mungkin waktu tu, umur baru, 13, 14 atau 15. Yang pasti, waktu sedang belajar di SMK St.Mary dan sebelum aku datang ke sini (England). Jadi, memandangkan sudah teramatlah lama episod ni terbuku di dalam hati, tak semua details boleh aku ingat, tak semua details dalam cerita ini boleh dijamin benar, doa tu pun aku tak ingat sepenuhnya. Yang memang aku highlight dalam doa tu, tentang lelaki soleh sampai sekarang aku ingat adalah kerana soalan yang ditujukan S. 

Sampai sekarang aku tertanya tanya, jikalau lelaki soleh bukan menjadi pilihan para gadis, lelaki jenis apa yang remaja2 sekarang cari? Yang akan 'bersuka ria' sebelum kahwin dan meninggalkan mereka pabila sudah berkahwin? Itupun, KALAULAH sampai ke alam perkahwinan hubungan mereka. Jikalau tidak, siapakah lelaki yang mereka ingin dijadikan suami?  Tidak terkejutlah bila makin lama makin banyak kes zina. Tidak terkejutlah di zaman sekarang, kanak2 di bangku sekolah rendah pun dah mula menjinak-jinakkan diri dengan cinta monyet mereka, bercouple sini dan sana. Siap bertukar-tukar boyfriend lagi. Iman sudah hilang nilaikah? Nauzubillah. Astargfirullah hal azhim. Aku berlindung kepada Allah daripada trend zaman sekarang yang rosak lagi merosakkan.

Akhirnya, saya memohon maaf kepada mana-mana pihak yang tersinggung. Entri ini ditulis sebagai peringatan kepada diri untuk memperbaiki iman dan sabar dalam menempuhi dugaan.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Salam~ ^^

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

My Loves, Ramadhan's here!! :D

It's nearly here and as I understand, it will start on Wednesday the 11th (tomorrow) ! :) Happy fasting! :) May our deeds be accepted and our faith strengthen. :)

This note is for all - mama, ayah, abg2, kakak2, adik2, nenek2, atok2, cucu2, moyang2 n all!. :) Unfortunately, I wanted to tag loads more people but I can't. T.T So, whether you're tagged or not, please read :)

I'd like to say I'm sorry for all my wrongdoings, my words which may hv upset you, acting like a kid, calling names that you don't like (do let me know), talking behind your back, not keeping promises, not paying back my debts and all the other horrible things which I may have done or put you through. Apologies from my hand, my mouth, my brain, my heart, my everything! I am so so so so so so SORRY. really I am. will you forgive me? :( 

Other than that, I'd like to say thank you to ALL for helping me, advising me, reminding me of the difference between good and bad and a lot of other good deeds you've done. :D Thank you! May Allah bless! :)

May we have a blessed ramadhan and may we meet lailatul qadar, insyaAllah. :) I pray you peace and harmony. :D 

salam~ ^^

Thursday, 5 August 2010

This iPhone is for .....

Correct. This iPhone is for the one and only 'BIG cucu' that I have, ojeesan or better known as Munsyi OR better known as, again, bakal jurutera. From the last name, I presume he dreams of being an engineer. He does automotive engineering anyway - so, I'm pretty sure I'm right to say he wants to be an engineer. :D

Since it's your birthday, bakal jurutera, let me just say - thank you for all your help, ojeesan! What's that got anything to do with your birthday? Well, that's an example of how long you've helped me - it's been like what? 23 years now?! LOL. nahh..I've not lived that long. It's been for about a couple of months now? I ain't fooling - thanks atok (the name you refused to be called)!

Before I forget, if you're getting married before June next year, please do prepare a sum of money for my flight to your wedding! haha xD <-- No, seriously - I'm dead serious.! :)

Just a short poem for you:

Selamat hari jadi wahai bakal jurutera,
Syukur, umurmu panjang dengan izin-Nya.
Jangan lupa jemput obachan di luar negara,
Pabila kamu berkahwin dengan si dia.
Demi kebahagiaanmu wahai bakal jurutera,
Doaku, moga kamu berjaya di dunia dan akhirat hendaknya. 

And here I end this entry, Assalamualaikum~ ^^


Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Aku pernah ditanya

Aku pernah ditanya,
apakah itu makna cinta?
Sungguh ku rasa,
soalan itu tidak patut ditanya,
kepada diri ini yang masih belajar tentang dunia.

Hatiku mengatakan,
Cinta itu perasaan kasih yang mendalam lagi melembutkan.

Akalku mengatakan,
Cinta itu kasih sayang yang tiada batasan.

Apabila ku mengambil masa,
memikirkan jawapanku sedalam-dalamnya,
Ternyatalah diri ini telah dipengaruhi oleh pelbagai faktor dunia,
di dalam definisi cinta.

Jawapan terbaikku tentang cinta,
Ia amat berharga, amat mulia untuk diberi makna sewenang-wenangnya.
Tidak boleh dihakimi dengan kata-kata.
Tidak boleh disamakan dengan perasaan suka.

Cinta kepada yang Maha Esa,
Adalah cinta yang paling mulia,
Dan patut menjadi prioriti kita sebagai hambaNya.

Cinta kepada keluarga, saudara mara dan semua yang kita jumpa,
Adalah harus untuk kesejahteraan di dunia.

Cinta di antara suami isteri,
bahagia lagi membahagiakan,
menambahkan pahala dan keredhaanNya.

Tetapi, apabila pasangan yang tidak sah mengatakan diri sedang dilamun cinta,
Akan selamatkah mereka dari dosa dan murkaNya?
Akan terpeliharakah diri mereka dari seksaan kubur dan neraka?

Jadi, berwaspadalah apabila bercinta,
Jadikan Pencipta dan pesuruhNya sebagai prioriti kita,
Ibu bapa, keluarga dan saudara seagama seterusnya,
Dan janganlah kita mudah terpedaya dengan kata-kata manusia yang mengatakan diri dilamun cinta.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Aku nak jatuh cinta.

Aku nak jatuh cinta.
Aku nak cari cinta yang mulia.
Cinta manusia?
Tidak sama sekali, kerana,
Cinta manusia banyak dusta.

Aku nak cari cinta yang Maha Pencipta.
Kerana aku tahu, Dialah yang Maha Mulia.
Jadi, tentulah CintaNya yang terpaling Mulia.

Tapi, pencarian ini memang teramat susah,
terpaksa aku mengakuinya,
Kerana, cinta manusia bersepah merata.
Cinta keluarga, kawan dan saudara, aku tidak kisah.
Tapi, cinta lelaki yang entah bercinta kenapa.

Nak mengatakan agama.
Bukankah dia patut menunggu dahulu sehingga diriku halal baginya,
sebelum dia melafazkan cinta?

Nak mengatakan budaya,
Yang mana satu lebih tinggi prioritinya,
Budaya atau agama?

Mungkin itulah dia nafsu bertopeng cinta,
Hati mengatakan cinta,
Iman mengatakan 'cinta' yang dilafaz hanya dusta semata.

Untuk selamatkan diri dan ibu bapa, keluarga dan saudara,
Aku ingin jatuh cinta.
Biarlah cinta itu cinta sebenar-benarnya.
Ku tidak mahu lagi cinta dusta.
Kerana ku tahu, diri ini teramat berharga,
Bukan dicipta oleh Pencipta,
Untuk cinta permainan suka-suka hambaNya.

Friday, 30 July 2010

A cat made me smile. :)

This happened when I was in my secondary school years in Malaysia. I don't know if it's something unusual or something normal, all I know is - until now, I can't forget what's happened and I don't think I would ever want to forget it.! :) Two cats it was that made me smile - one was orange with white stripe and the other was a black and white cat. Both came when I cried and both turned my frown upside down. :)

As a student who depends on her parents to fetch her from school everyday, when I cannot leave the school before 1:50 pm, I'd have to wait for my mum until 5- 5:30 pm. Waiting until 5:30 would have been fine, IF I only had some friends with me. The only problem was, by 4:30, the school's already empty - leaving me by myself and the security guard. I don't what I was scared of more, the strangers outside or the security guard that was INSIDE the school. I'm a girl - with the crime rates increasing, anything could have happened! At first, I wanted to just let the time fly by doing my homeworks or revising or ANYTHING that'd be useful. I was too scared though. All I could think about was my fate - if there were some people trying to kidnap me, what would I do? If the security guard tried to harm me, how will I defend myself? I even came up with some Kung Fu moves (which I made up myself) just so that I can be prepared if the worst should happen. This came to be sort-of like a norm to me.

On one occasion, I broke down by the canteen's long stool and cried - the canteen was dark, the day seemed to get darker and I spotted a male foreign worker somewhere. I was scared and I didn't know what else I can do. I was technically cursing the school for making the extra curricular thing compulsory - I was emotional then, please understand. When I reassured myself that it was for my own good (I think I did xP), I prayed and prayed for my safety, at the same time thinking of ways to defend myself if anything should happen. Right then and there, the orange cat came. It jumped on the long stool I was sitting on and looked at me, smiling 'mee-ow'ing. I knew tears were still coming out of eyes, but this time, I had a smile on my face. For some reason, my heart calmed and I seriously had the feeling that Allah sent the cat to make me feel better. ngee~ I LOVED IT! ^^ Usually, I'd be scared of cats for their claws, and if they tried coming near me, I'd move away. But this one, it came closer and just sat on the stool and I didn't mind that (surprisingly). Believe it or not, I actually talked to the cat - and that made me feel better. :) You can call me weird if you want, I'm just happy to hear whatever you have to say.

The black and white cat came when the weather was not as good as I've hoped. It was raining heavily, the sounds of thunders were banging in my ears and the sky was dark. Hence, the reason why it proved to be even more scarier than the experience before. Before this I sat in the canteen, now I sat in between the canteen and the school's pavement which linked to my old primary school. Whenever I heard the thunder, my heart would tremble, hoping that I won't be struck by the lightning. As before, I prayed and prayed and prayed. And, a cat came out of NOWHERE. Well, it might have come from the curriculum room wall I was leaning against. hihi. Like the cat from before, this cat smiled as well and you cannot imagine how calm that made me feel. I was thankful, amazed and  just happy that, that cat came. Alhamdulilah. My tears of fear were replaced by tears of joy, laughter and just amazement. I just sat down and thought of the cat as my friend. Talking my heart out.

As I've said before, I don't know if both these experiences are something unusual or something normal, all I know is - until now, I can't forget what's happened and I don't think I would ever want to forget it.! :) And thought I'd like to share it in my blog, so that whenever my time comes, my family and friends would know one of those memories which I just LOVE! :)

Assalamualaikum~ ^^

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The episode of my change.

When I was young, I committed a LOT of sins. Prayers to me were nothing, wearing the hijab (to cover my aurah) to me was boring and lying to me, was something unavoidable in order to save myself from getting told off - eventhough I knew lying was and IS a sin, and I've done a lot of other sins as well as all that I've listed. I would avoid doing all the compulsory thing wherever possible. Basically, although I was a Muslim and testified that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad (SAW) is His messenger, I don't think I truly believed there will be a Hereafter. I was blinded by this World - having fun seemed to be my main priority in life.

After a couple of years living in ignorance, I finally changed, Alhamdulillah.

It was a beautiful month of Ramadhan. At first, I was reluctant to fast, but, because my parents and my older brother and sister fasted and I was expected to fast as well, I fasted - even though it seemed boring and somewhat a torture to me. All this was out of my own ignorance of course.

Until one fine morning, I thought, "If I have to fast, I might as well wake up early to fill my stomache up, enough for the day". So, I woke up around 4 o'clock in the morning, around an hour and a half earlier than Fajar (subuh - sunrise in english). Because I was young, around 12 or 13 years old back then, I didn't know what to do after waking up that early. Helping my mum cook would be something I'm clueless about. And so, I decided to take a shower - four o'clock in the morning - you can imagine how cold it was! After I showered, I had no idea what to do - our house was neat and tidy - meaning I wouldn't be able to pass the time by tidying up (although I felt like wanting to be a good girl).

Since I had nothing better to do, I turned on the TV. The first channel that came on had a man reciting the Quran. Out of foolishness, I changed the TV to other channels in the hope of some cartoons. Fortunately for me,  Cartoon Network was unbearably boring and most of the other cartoon channels didn't have any cartoons on air due to the time of day. So, I thought I might as well go to the first channel rather than sticking my face on Cartoon Network. I listened to the recitation of the Quran and read the translation (tafseers) of the verses that was on the screen and my heart trembled with fear as I read and listened more attentively. I think it was a verse about the states of the people of Hellfire.  And then, a verse about the states of the people of Paradise. My heart trembled with fear, all I wanted to do was cry and cry and all I prayed for was my safety from the Hellfire. Because I didn't want my mum to see me cry, I tried to keep it all inside me.

After that one unforgettable experience, I changed. I started praying five times a day, started having an interest in learning more about Islam and just keeping myself occupied with good deeds rather than bad. Wearing the hijab was not an embarrassment to me anymore, I saw it as a MUST thing to do in order to save myself from Hell and get myself closer to Allah SWT. Alhamdulliah, until now I'm thankful for that experince to Allah as it has changed me to a better person - even my families were surprised with my changes (I think). I don't think I have ever told them this story though, even though I've been asked by one of them before why I've changed. Subbahanallah Wal hamdulillah Wa la ila ha illahu allah hu akbar. Who knows, I might have been granted this hidayah because of some people's prayers. For all those people, I thank you! :) May we be among the guided ones and saved from Hell. ameen~

Why am I telling you this story?

A lot of people has been wondering how and why I've changed. Well folks, that was the answer to your question. Please do note that I am still a normal human being and I still do have a lot to learn. So, please do correct me when I'm wrong and please forgive me for all my wrongdoings.

Thank you, Assalamualaikum.~ ^^

Monday, 26 July 2010

My restaurant has NO doors, but it DOES have an entrance. :)

It's been quite a while since I've played Restaurant City. No, let me rephrase that - It's been AAAGES since I played Restaurant City on FaceBook. After getting back on it today, truthfully, I wasn't surprised why I left it for such a long time - the restaurant was horrible! I think it was a plan gone wrong or something.

At first, looking at it - I was like "Nahh..I ain't playing this thing again. It looks too awful!".

The trouble with me - I want my restaurant to be like all those other famous five-star restaurants. That's not a weakness - rather, it should be a motivation, right? But hey, I thought it looked so horrible that it own't be worth my time to play on it anymore. But then it hit me!

  "Nabihah, if you intend on making a business, you can't just give up everytime things don't go as how you've planned!" 
And that my friends was the start of my newly-found inspiration to keep on playing the game! haha xD. It's AMAZING how you can relate a game to reality just to make yourself 'work' harder. You see, I've been wanting to start my own business when I get back home in Malaysia - possibly start selling at my university. Selling and studying - that'll be one of my dreams come true. :) That is of course - if Allah wills. ^^ The world of business, as I understand, will not be as easy as this game - there'll be loads more risk and loads more problems on the way. So, that's how I came to that kind of conclusion - to never GIVE UP! ngee~! :D

The picture above is my restaurant after that 'inspiration' I had. Notice that it doesn't come with doors but has a maze for a garden? Well, that's so that I can buy time and reduce the number of 'complaints' I'd get from my beloved customers. :) However, I felt I could buy some more time - which led to this:

I know - the tiles needs to be changed, and I need to find a better way of buying time since this one looks horrible! I'm broke at the moment and so, highly doubt I can add that much to the restaurant with such little money.

Whatever happens to the restaurant, I think I'll just let it happen because NOW is the time for me to get back to reality! 

Assalamualaikum~ ^^

Friday, 23 July 2010

Jikalau cinta itu mulia.

Jikalau benar cinta itu mulia,
Begitu senangkah untuk kita merasakannya?

Jikalau benar cinta itu mulia,
Begitu mudahkah untuk kita melafazkannya?

Jikalau benar cinta itu mulia,
Bolehkah ia diganti sewenang-wenangnya?

Jikalau benar cinta itu mulia,
Bolehkah ia digunakan untuk menghinakan sepasangan manusia?

Jikalau benar cinta itu mulia,
Bolahkah ia dijadikan alasan untuk melupakan Pencipta?

Jangan senang melafazkan cinta,
Jikalau yang dirasa hanya perasaan suka,
Kerana cinta itu mulia.

Jangan berani menyamarkan nafsu dengan cinta,
Kerana cinta itu mulia.

Sebelum kita menagih cinta manusia,
Carilah dulu cinta Allah yang Maha Mulia,
Agar kita tidak terjerumus kepada takdir yang hina.

Peringatan kpd diri jua, Assalamualaikum~ ^^

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Mat British hensem!

8 Julai 2010, hari bersejarah yang terbukti amat payah untuk dilupakan. Mana tidaknya, itulah hari aku ditemukan dengan seorang lelaki yang tampan lagi 'tough'. :P Kriteria 2T yang kebanyakan perempuan cari. haha xP Kepada yang dah mula berfikir yang bukan-bukan tentang diri ini, anda dinasihatkan membaca entri ini sampai habis demi memahami tujuan sebenar entri ini ditulis.

credits to aisyah n mai for tagging me in fb :)

8 Julai 2010. Hari 'enterprise day' dekat sekolah untuk pelajar Year 9. Aku, salah seorang dari 30-40 murid pelajar Year 12 yang terlebih rajin, menjadi sukarelawan untuk membantu menjalankan aktiviti-aktiviti hari itu. Ada tiga kategori:

Media team - merekod hari tersebut. (tangkap gambar, rekod video etc. ) Tak penting sebab aku tak pilih yang ni.
Business hosts - Untuk hari ni, kitorg ada 'business volunteers' yang membantu. Dah nama 'enterprise day', ada la kan orang - orang business. Kerja para business hosts adalah untuk membantu para business volunteers ni dan tunjukkan jalan - kira macam 'tour guide' la, dah sekolah kami penuh dengan block2 nye.

Classroom motivators - membantu guru di dalam kelas untuk menjaga dan membantu para pelajar.

Aku pilih 2 roles - business host dan classroom motivator. Yang sedihnya, business host aku tak dapat hadir hari tu. Sebab apa, aku pun tak pasti. Hasrat untuk bertanya pasal dunia business pun pudar. huhu..T.T Tapi, yang bagusnya, sebab business volunteer aku tak datang, business volunteer kelas aku digantikan dengan dua business volunteer lain - Nat dan Mickey.

Pada mulanya, semasa mereka menjejakkan kaki ke dalam kelas 'aku'. Tiada apa2 yang istimewa pun. Pandang aku pun macam biasa2 je - tiada perasaan benci, tiada perasaan suka. Entah kenapa, kira selepas 10 minit aku kat dalam kelas tu, si Mickey mula berperangai 'pelik'.

Ceritanya macam ni, bila pelajar dah memulakan aktiviti, eksperimen diorg, aku pun cubalah nak tolong - berdiri dekat sebelah seorang pelajar, baca instruction 2 minit tak masuk2 dalam kepala macam mana nak buat eksperimen yang diorg patut buat. Lepas tu, si Mickey lalu dekat sebelah - pandang aku. So, aku pun apa lagi, takkan nak buat bodoh kan? Dengan selambanya aku cakap "Sir" sambil mengangguk kepala, senyum. Dia pun balaslah senyuman tu dan lalu ke bahagian depan kelas. Tengah khusyuk aku baca instruction yang tertulis kat dalam agenda hari tu, rasa hati tak sedap macam ada orang pandang. Jadi, aku pun cari la orang yang membuat hati aku rasa tak sedap tu. Tengok2 si Mickey tu - pandang je. Dah aku pandang dia, dia pun dengan selambanya datang ke kitorg la kan - berdiri betul2 dekat sebelah aku. Itu baru badan dia, kepala dia - kira2 jarak lebih kurang 2 inci kut, baca benda yang aku baca tu kononnye.

Dalam hati - "mamat ni nak buat apa ni. bukannya booklet aku je yang ade kat dalam kelas ni. meja dekat tu pun ade banyak, siap tersusun lagi tu.! Ishh! Dah la mata biru, rambut spikey, badan tegap - takyah la nak mencairkan aku mamat oi!" huhu. T.T "Sabar Nabihah, sabar..dugaan dunia, Nabihah..sabar"

Lepas tu, dia pun tanya la soalan pasal eksperimen tu. Aku, untuk mengelakkan soalan berlanjutan cakap je "I've never done this kind of experiment before", alihkan pandangan. Baru dia pergi cheq..SELAMAT! :) Tapi, itu bukan akhirnya sebab, dia datang balik waktu aku tengah nak cakap dengan group aku tolong tu - dia berdiri betul2 kat belakang aku. Tak cakap apa2, cuma berdiri. Aku yang berpeluh, tertanya2 kenapa perangai dia lain daripada orang lain - kalau nak cakap aku seksi, aku pakai tudung, baju T-Shirt lengan panjang, seluar track Umbro yang setahu aku dah cukup longgar dah pakaian aku - seksi ke? Tidak sama sekali cheq!

Kalau aku nak sambung semua yang berlaku pada hari bersejarah ni, terlampau banyak la pulak. Maklumlah, dah hari bersejarah yang tak boleh dilupakan, semua jenis detail boleh ingat ;P. So, cukuplah kot kalau aku highlightkan niat aku yang sebenar dalam menulis entri ni.

1. Mickey tu handsome, badan pun 'tough' - kalau minah saleh sini, mesti dah lama kejar dia. Untuk highlightkan betapa hensemnye dia, boleh la dikatakan dia lagi hensem dari gamba kat atas tu. hehe. (sorry mai, sorry aisyah) :)

2. Kalau lelaki hensem cuba datang dekat, jangan hanya kerana rupa dia, kita berikan dia ruang untuk nak bermiang2 ngan kita. Hensem ke, tak hensem ke - kita sebagai perempuan kena jaga maruah diri dan agama.!

3. Mungkin perangai dia pelik sebab dia dah biasa. But hey, takdek salahnya kalau kita berperah santan sikit untuk mencari pengajaran dalam episod hidup, an? hehe ^^

A reminder to myself:

Nabihah, ingatlah:
Sehensem mana pun seorang lelaki itu,
Tidaklah sehensem Nabi Yusuf A.S.
Sebaik mana pun dirinya,
Tidaklah sebaik Nabi Muhammad SAW.
Semanis mana pun kata2nya,
Tidaklah semanis ayat2 Al-Quran yang membawa diri kpd kesejahteraan.
Jadi, bila jumpa lelaki hensem,
Peliharalah pandangan,
Teguhkan hati dan iman,
Agar dapat menggapai kejayaan.

Note: nama sebenar dua business volunteers tu telah diubah atas sebab2 tertentu..

Terima kasih, Assalamualaikum~ ^^

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Does God exist?

Who created those rocks, those hills, those mountains?
Assalamualaikum~ ^^

Today has been quite a day for me. What was supposed to be my first summer study day turned into a day where studies seemed to be the least of my worries (surprisingly). Today, I did more packing up than studying - maybe because my mum thinks we're gonna go soon. Oh well, might as well pack up now rather than later. Plus, I learnt a simple tip from my mum's friend on how to lose weight - something really useful for me - UNSURPRISINGLY! :) Anyhow, as promised with a special friend, for the rest of my summer days and the days ahead, I would like to try - using all my knowledge and logic, to prove that God exists. InsyaAllah, I will update this blog every night before I go to sleep.

So, does God exist?

(A good story to illustrate how God does exist - click here.)
From the way I see it. If there was no God, how am I here? If there was no Creator, how am I here? Imagine a chair - there would be no chair if there was no man who made it, would there? A house - you won't get a house without groups of people building and structuring it. So, how can I ever say there is no God?

The theory of evolution -

Evolution is the change in the inherited traits of a population of organisms through successive generations. After a population splits into smaller groups, these groups evolve independently and may eventually diversify into new species. A nested hierarchy of anatomical and genetic similarities, geographical distribution of similar species and the fossil record indicate that all organisms are descended from a common ancestor through a long series of these divergent events, stretching back in a tree of life that has grown over the 3,500 million years of life on Earth.[2] - wikipedia

seems completely absurd to me. Would it ever make sense to say that my ancestors were a number of monkeys or orang utans? Seriously, if those theorists want to claim their ancestors were some monkeys, they can be my guest. Me - I believe God created Adam and Eve, my first ancestor.

What came first, a chicken or a chicken's eggs?

In everything that happens, there has got to be an origin, a start - and who or what can create and has created this start if it's not the Creator itself? The evolutionist claims that life starts from the mutation of other animals etc. But, have they ever questioned themselves - who created those other lives? If it was some cells, who created those cells? Nature? Who created nature?

Plus, let's not forget the fact that evolution has only been a theory. Never has it been proved and I think it is most unlikely they will ever be able to prove that theory of theirs. For example, imagine an apple. If we leave it on its tree, not laying a single finger on it - would it transform into a pear or would it fall down its tree, ready for us to eat? There is just no way that there is no God. if there was no God, who can claim power over this world? If there was no God, will we then start worshipping some man who's just the same as us - needs the same air, needs the same necessities as we do?

*For any wrongdoings - my communication skills or anything else. Please let me know and forgive me. Thank you ^^
*I am not trying to tell you what to think. This is my personal opinion. Any feedback on what you think is highly encouraged to be shared here. At least, I can try and see what you're seeing. :)
*InsyaAllah, after this, I will include "The Qur'an & Modern Science : Compatible or Incompatible" written by Dr. Zakir Naik.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Life has NO second try.!

Remember, patience is faith, money isn't your friend, 
this world is just a loan and we die alone.

I've just had my Decision 2 progress test result today, make that yesterday actually. And enough said, my results weren't that good and weren't that bad. Still, it was not good enough for me! Considering the fact that I want to do all my exams in January, I need to, as my teacher says it, "stay on top of the course" and get the top end grades in every subjects' tests. So, I asked sir if I could do a retake test.

I know I didn't do that well in the test because I didn't revise - and to be fairly honest - I expected a grade far worse than what I had. I assumed it'll be easy and sadly, I was proved wrong. Still, life is to move forwards, not backwards - which is why I asked sir if I could do the retake test (with the hope that I'll prepare myself for it this time).

Anyone would know how painful it is to just not get the grade you want, and yes, we can always have a second try - so long as we're still alive at the time to do so. And then, it finally hit me! The difference between life and school tests - there is NO second try! Once you're gone, that's it, you're finished - GONE! Your fate in the Hereafter may have already been sealed - unless of course if you have left some good things that others can benefit from before you're gone. Amazing - a disappointment in test just taught me an important lesson in life. Subbahanallah, Alhamdulillah. :)

I think the good thing about me - I learn from my mistakes as well as others. But, when it comes to tests, I usually need to see a bad grade for myself first before I will really work hard. The thought of life having no second try was dreadful to me. If I'm the type that likes to 'learn' from failure, how can I succeed the second time around if there's not going to be a second try? So, from today onwards I want to be as patient as I can be and just fill my days up with deeds that can help me in the Hereafter, InysaAllah~ Care to join?

Pray for me :)

Assalamualaikum~ ^^

Sunday, 11 July 2010

This is why I write.

A number of people has been curious to know why I have a blog – why I write what I write and what makes me want to write. Some believe I should really be studying instead of blogging. For those people, as much as I appreciate your concern for my studies and my future in this world, please allow me to explain why I write what I write and why I cannot afford to give in to negativity – either yours or mine.

My time is near

I know you'll argue that I'm still young. By the 30th December this year, I will reach my 18th birthday – that is of course, IF Allah wills. If my death comes before that, what would I have as my 'source' of rewards (pahala) if I have not done anything that people can benefit from after my death? I am hopeful that what I write here will benefit myself, and my readers – boy or girl, young or old. I want my blog to be useful, not a place to say that I'm a fool.:)

I am a normal, sensitive girl

I don't like to show it, but believe me – even the slightest negativity can upset me, especially if its from someone I really care about and expect support from. Please, I'm begging you, encourage me through positivity, not through your negative attitudes. I'm a human being, a student and still learning. So, I'm bound to make mistakes. Would you then, not forgive me for these mistakes of mine?

Amar Ma'aruf, Nahi Munkar

If I wanted to live in a healthier, happier and safer society, why would I not stick to this concept? Amar Ma'aruf, Nahi Munkar - Call people to things that are good, prevent them from doing things that are bad or can lead to bad consequences. Please understand, as I try to fix my own self, I also want to fix this World into being better. You might say I'm ambitious – well, I'll say – YOU'RE RIGHT! And it's because I'm ambitious that I work hard. Otherwise, I might just laze around and act as if the whole world revolves around me.

To conclude, all I'm asking for is your encouragement, kindness and forgiveness. I have not been able to say it to you straight because you seem to stick with the thought that I am 'too ambitious' when it comes to Islam. So, I'm sorry and I hope you'll forgive me because, as I've said before, I cannot afford to give in to negativity – either yours, or mine. Pray for me. :)

Thank you.
Assalamualaikum~ ^^

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Jodoh aku, jodoh engkau dan jodoh dia!

Jodoh aku
Semenjak aku kecik2, mude2, comel2 dulu, memang ramai manusia yang rajin mencarikan jodoh untuk aku. Kalau tak mencarikan, diorang promotekan. Kalau tak promotekan, diorang akan banyak bertanya "Dah ada pakwe, bihah?". Kalau bukan soalan yang dituju, diorang akan cakap "eh, jangan tipu la. Bihah ni mesti dah ade boyfriend ni!". Hakikatnye, bukan aku seorang je yang kena kes macam ni. Boleh dikatekan, semua jenis perempuan dah pernah kene kes camni dah, dak?

Ni, biar aku jelaskan status aku dulu dan status aku sekarang, ye? Dulu, aku cakap 'no to couple', hubungan boyfriend-girlfriend ni sebab nak focus on studies. Sekarang, dah sampai England, aku cakap 'no to couple' atas banyak sebab - sebab utama sudah semestinya yang hubungan macam ni haram di sisi Islam, (bile sampai sini baru belajar lebih mendalam ttg hukum hubungan2 macam ni). Ade sesetengah cakap boleh kapel Islamik. Boleh ke? Sile bace komik pendek ini untuk membaca how the term 'couple Islamic' should not exist. Pd aku, kalau nak sangat bercouple, pergi berkahwin - kurang dosa, tambah pahala, dah hidup bahagia. InsyaAllah~    

Jodoh di tangan Allah SWT, Pencipta sekalian alam. Bukan di tangan kakak2, kawan2 ataupun makcik2 di sekeliling kita. Kalau satu hubungan tu tidak diredhaiNya, takkan sampai ke mane2 pun hubungan tu. Aku tahu bab jodoh ni, sstgh org ade berkate yg kite kene berusaha untuk mencari jodoh kite tu. Tapi, itu tak bermakne kite boleh mencari jodoh ikut suke hati kite sampai pahala dan dosa, dipandang sebelah mate. Tambah2 lagi, aku ni masih mude, umur tak mencecah 18 tahun lagi, bisnes pun tak buat lagi. Biarlah jodoh aku yang mencari aku, bukan aku yang mencari die. hehe ^^

Jodoh engkau dan jodoh dia
Bahagian ni memang amat2 digalakkan untuk dibace oleh para pra-remaja dan remaja yang sedang hangat bercinta dan ber'couple' sini sana. Yang saya perhatikan, kebanyakan remaja terjebak dalam dunia 'couple' ni atas dua sebab utama:

1. Nak rase diri disayangi

Semua orang nak menyayangi dan diri disayangi. Tapi, itu tak boleh dijadikan alasan untuk melakukan perkara yang haram. Kasih sayang mak dan ayah tak cukup lagi? Tak cukup? Kasih sayang Allah SWT kepada kita? Tak cukup lagi? Segala nikmat yang Dia dah kurniakan kepada kita - tak cukup lagi? Kalau nak mencari jodoh boleh. Tapi, janganlah hanya kerana perasaan, kita biarkan diri di ambang dosa. Kalau 'cinta' dibuktikan dengan care ber'couple', ape jenis bukti tu?

2. Nak mengikut kawan.

Manusia memang senang dipengaruhi oleh kawan-kawan. Sebab itu kita kene pandai memilih kawan. Kalau tersalah pilih, tersalah haluan la kot hidup kite ni. Nauzubillah. Kalau ade kawan cakap boleh ber'couple', kalau kawan cakap 'couple' tak haram. Sile minta dalil2 berpandukan Al-Quran dan hadis2 Nabi SAW utk membuktikan bahawa hubungan boyfriend-girlfriend ni 'halal' di dalam Islam. Janganlah kita senang terpengaruh dengan perkara yang akan menyebabkan diri dimurkai Allah SWT.

Assalamualaikum~ ^^

Monday, 28 June 2010

Hati manusia

Hati manusia,
memang senang menduga.
Dunia dipandang pada keseluruhannya,
Akhirat dipandang sebelah mata.

Memang betul dunia ni nikmat daripada yang Maha Esa,
Namun, janganlah kita lupa,
Dunia ini tidak ada apa-apa,
Jikalau dibandingkan dengan akhirat yang kekal selamanya.

Akhirat itu pengakhiran kita untuk selama-lamanya,
sanggupkah kita merana di sana, demi dunia yang sementara?

Yakinlah hati bahawa duniamu dekat kepada pengakhiran,
Bejuanglah kamu menentang syaitan,
dan segala macam godaan.

Yakinlah hati bahawa hidup hanya sekadar satu ujian,
Kita perlu sabar menempuh dugaan, teguhkan iman.
Moga kita peroleh kejayaan di akhirat nanti,
dengan senyuman. :)
Kekasaran bahasa, tolong maafkan. 
Tersalah maklumat, tolong maklumkan.
Sebab saya tau..
Pembaca sekalian, mesti baik. :) kan kan?? :D
Terima kasih, Salam~ ^^

Monday, 21 June 2010

Procrastination - we're the best!


Procrastination - we're the best!
We'll get rid of your anxiety and your stress!
We'll make your work (for the moment) INCREDIBLY LESS.
You'll have no worries - 'coz we're the best!

When the time comes,
You'll find your workload's multiplied - all thanks to us!
When the pressures get to you, don't blame us - blame YOURSELF!

:D Salam~ ^^

Moral of the poem: do NOT procrastinate. :)

Friday, 18 June 2010


You never ask for it.
It just comes, knocking on your mind,
Messing with your time.

A minute wasted, seems little at first,
Until that moment where it's turned into an hour or maybe even worse.

Daydreaming, it never is easy to let go,
of those wonderful thoughts they put you through,
to get rid of your sorrows.

Sad it is, to rely on fantasy rather than reality to make you happy.
Which is why it's even sadder when daydreaming becomes an addiction.
Getting out is never easy.

So, before you start daydreaming.
Think of the time you'll waste.

Rather than staying in fantasy,
might as well work harder to get a better reality.

Salam~ ^^

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Jom couple?

Umur masih muda,
Takkan tak mahu merasa?
Nikmat dunia yang sementara?
Jomlah couple..kita masih muda!

Maaf. Ajal datang tak kira umur,
Muda atau tua, belakang kira.
Hidup ini sementara sahaja,
Hidup akhirat untuk selama-lamanya.
Relakah diri dibakar demi nafsu yang tidak ke mana?

Semua orang dah buat,
Bercouple sini dan sana.
Mengapa tidak pula kita?
Kan kita manusia, perlukan cinta?

Bercouple sini dan sana, bukti cinta apa?
Kalau bukan cinta dunia?
Jikalau cinta manusia dikejar, Cinta Tuhan dilupa,
Tidakkah diri ini bagaikan hina?

Bukankah cinta sesuatu yang mulia?
Bukankah cinta itu fitrah manusia?

Ya, memang cinta fitrah manusia,
Memang cinta itu mulia,
Tapi, kalau couple hanya akan membuat Allah murka,
Mulia lagikah cinta itu?
Jangan menyamarkan nafsu dengan nama cinta.!

Tak boleh bercouple untuk membuktikan cinta?

Perkahwinan - satu langkah membuktikan cinta.

Umur masih muda, macam mana?

Sedar diri muda, nak bercinta kenapa?

*Ini adalah sambungan kpd post ini.

Salam~ ^^

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Tudung oh Tudung.

Amat senang untukku berkata,
Tapi, amat payah untuk menghayati makna.
Bacalah wahai saudari Islamku,
Moga dapat menjadi manfaat kepada dirimu dan pelepas tanggungjawabku.

Tudung nipis, tudung halus,
Hanyalah ikutan bisikan syaitan yang dayus.
Trend dikatakan, mana perginya agama pegangan?

Jikalau tudung dipakai,
Tetapi bajunya teramatlah sendat.
Penutupan aurat kite, menepati syarat?

Apa gunanya pujian manusia?
Jikalau Pencipta murka kepada kita?
Aurat bukan untuk ditunjuk kepada seluruh manusia,
Maniskah perasaan dosa?

Bagaimana pula jika kita dicampakkan ke dalam neraka?
Dek kerana penyamaran dosa?
Sekadar pakai tudung tidak cukup saudariku,
Jikalau aurat lain dibiarkan langsung begitu.

Amat senang untukku berkata,
Tapi, amat payah untuk menghayati makna.
Terima kasih kerana sudi membaca,
Moga dapat menjadi manfaat kepada diri kita.

Salam~ ^^

Monday, 14 June 2010

Darah org muda..

Anak muda nak berjuang demi agama,
Namun, dia masih lalai mengejar cinta manusia.
Nak buat macam mana?
Dia baru nak 'mengenal' dunia.

Nasihat dibaca, tutup sebelah mata.
(masuk akal ke ape yg kte kate?)
Janganlah marah anak muda,
Ini peringatan untuk diri jua.

Macam mana nak berjuang demi agama?
Jikalau lebihnya cinta kita kepada dunia?
Janganlah marah anak muda,
Ini peringatan untuk diri jua.

Friday, 11 June 2010

This card I made is for my beloved..

My cute little sis is 8 today! Remembering the fact that she made me a birthday card for me before, -

Yaya: kaklang! I got something for you!
Me: Ok? What?
Hands me a christmas card
Yaya: See? Do you like it?
Me reading the title 'Merry Christmas' and thought whaa?? Opened the card and read
"To my lovely sister, kaklang, hope you enjoy your birthday during christmas time"
Me: I don't like it, I LOVE it! Thank you Nadia :)
Obviously I was touched by this time. A week before my birthday and my little sister gave me a card. WOW.

Now, let me highlight the fact that we do NOT celebrate Christmas. We're Muslims :) It's just that my birthday's on the 30th Dec and her class was making Christmas cards. I was so touched when I got the card from her. It was a black card with a chimney. In the chimney was a 'moveable' santa - in and out the chimney. It was pretty clever for a 7 year old kid, I must admit. Sadly though, I don't know where I've put it since I swapped rooms with my little brothers. T.T So, I can't upload the picture. T.T

Oh well, because of that lovely and touching moment. I thought I might make her a card as well :) Too bad I ain't good in arts though. So, during first lesson, I just studied Mechanics 2. When Pauline came, I asked her to help me since she does arts ^^. Thanks Pauline!! :D We had to go to Mr.Cowburn's class (Thanks Mr.Cowburn!) and asked for plain papers, glue, scissors, pencil, hole puncher and not forgetting some ideas on what to say in the card. At first, I thought of writing
"The older you get, the more responsibilities you'll have. So, you might as well help me around the house more"
But then, sir and pauline thought that was a bit harsh - no matter how much I meant it as a JOKE. (or did I?) hehe. So, then, I had the idea of saying

"Happy 8th birthday Sweetheart!"
But then,'ll be weird. I've hardly been that nice. xP In the end, we came up with this simple 'masterpiece' (hehe):

Warning: I am NOT good in arts.

Happy Birthday Nadia!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

A Level, HERE I COME!!

Salam~ ^^

OK. So today, I finished my AS exams. Mechanics was surprisingly easy (will be considered again when I get my result) and Decision 1 was - as always, 'annoyingly' easy, meaning it may have seen easy but I could have done some mistakes on some questions. Oh well, that's all in the past now.

Tomorrow, InsyaAllah, if I'm still alive - will be the start of my A2 studies! The year 13s (including me) are supposedly starting our A2 courses next week. But, because I would like to do the January exams instead of waiting until June, I guess even four days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) of studying can make a difference.

8 exams to do in January - WOW! Even some teachers are getting concerned now. What on earth has happened to Nabihah? Well, this girl is desperate to go home ASAP! So, allow me to take that risk and let me just show you what I'm capable of..hehe~ InsyaAllah (God's willing).

To all my lovely teachers, (whom I highly doubt you'll read this) I thank you for your concerns. I mean - I have not shown high interests in my studies in AS level, but I promise you (I do?), You are going to see a whole new Nabihah! haha xD 50% of my time on Studying , 20% Facebooking (instead of the other way around) and 30% more on other things! Come on - I am a NORMAL human being! :D

Further Pure 2, Decision Maths 2, Mechanics 2 - I'll cherish you! (will you promise to cherish me too?) <3
Core 3, Core 4, Stats 2 - I'll love you! (as long as you love me too)! <3
Business Studies 3 & 4 - you know I'll never forget you! <3


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