Tuesday, 21 September 2010

"It's ok. At least I've learnt something new." :')

This happened last Friday after my Further Pure 2 chapter 1 progress test. The experience taught me one important lesson - just because I've revised and went through the work Sir's given doesn't mean I've mastered the subject, nor does it mean I need no more practice. In fact, I think I've learnt quite the opposite - no matter how much you've learnt, there will always be some bits that may have been overlooked or unnnoticed.

In this case, an unexpected, never seen before type-question popped out in the test. So, most of us was really quite stuck. As I've mentioned, it was a progress test for complex numbers. Before the test, I truthfully thought I was ready. I came in class with full confidence that I'd be able to ace it. Unfortunately, one weird proof question popped out - I had no idea how to do it, how I were to even start it. A couple of students asked Sir but being a girl that thinks asking a teacher for help during a test is cheating, I decided to ignore what Sir's answer was. Plus, I couldn't hear him clearly and I didn't have my glasses on to see what he wrote on the board (I think). So, I decided to just leave my answer to that question blank. Dissapointed with myself? COMPLETELY!

Sir said after we finish our test, we can leave the class if we choose to. And I was technically the last person to finish it - all because of that ONE question I had no idea HOW to work out! But, since I didn't want to be a loner, I handed in my answers and said "Sir, now that I've handed in my test. Can you teach me how to do question B please?" and of course, as always, being the helpful teacher he is, he taught me through the question. It seemed so easy after he went through it. How sad I was. In fact, I was sad even before I asked him to help me.

I think my disappointment was a bit too obvious since Sir said "I shouldn't have put that kind of question in", maybe after guessing I was upset with my 'failure'. Fortunately, I reminded myself to be thankful. Alhamdulillah. So, I replied "It's ok. At least I learnt something new :')" and Sir said "Yes, you have". Saying that really did help the burden off my chest, but I still had tears just waiting to get out and so I went to the loo - let the frustration out straight to my face. And yes, I managed to smile after that! :) Alhamdulillah. :)

Today, I got back my result as a C. It was a short test, I lost 3 marks on that particular 'difficult' question, and did some careless mistakes which costed me 2 marks on the next question and I've somehow lost a mark on a 7 mark question (although I'm sure I should've gotten a full 7 on that one), which gave me an overall mark of 10/16 - 63%. To say the least, I'm not that happy but at the same time I'm not that sad. I mean hey, at least I've learnt something new! :) Plus the fact that Sir complimented me on my 'honesty' for not answering the question instead of just giving what he claims as 'garbage' in order to gamble for marks like how some students did, I'm quite happy to say the least.

So, two lessons learnt:

1. Knowledge can never be achieved in full perfection,
so learn as much to cover the most that we can possibly can.
2. When failure comes, focus on the positives and work for a better future. :)

Salam~ :)


  1. Ok. I did learn something today. :)

    btw, Asking teacher during exam is not cheating! I did that all the time. :P

  2. how is it not? aren't tests supposed to be like 'self-assesment'?

    btw, wat did u learn? dat cats are cute? ;P

  3. well, asking teachers what the question wants is not cheating. Not that we ask what is the answer. :P

    no. they are cute but I still dont know why people like them LOL

  4. haha..really?? would u be able to do that in the exam? :P it IS still a test. ie, self-assesment. hehe

    LOL. they're adorable...whoever doesnt like 'em must be jealous or sumtin. hehe



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