Monday, 18 October 2010


Stressed, bored and everything nice. All these bittersweet feelings mixed all together leads to - an entry! :D Not about anything serious, just a simple entry about someone really really special! :) He's cute, he's nice, he's everything adorable made into one. I give you - atok! :)

Atok on AidilAdha :)

How old is he?

Curently, he's 3 years and 3 months old! :) Cute, ain't he? :D His name's Adzwar. :)

Why I call this little cute boy atok?

Well, it's quite a long story. It was on boxing day when I started calling him atok. I went to some shopping outlet or something and met his family there. Because I had no money and left the shopping stuff to my parents, I looked after Adzwar with his not-so-old sister. Apparently, I was an 'auntie' to him. OMG! I'm not even married yet, and he calls me auntie? huhu..Everyone else calls me kaklang and he calls me auntie? I was hurt. :'( But, at the same time, it started a fun episode for us.

Me: Auntie? I'm still young. I'm not an auntie. :(
Atok: Auntie! :D
Me: Humphh..Well, if you call me auntie, I'll call you atok then! :D Atok! Atok!
Atok: Auntie! Auntie! :D

Starting that day onwards, I just called him atok, and some other people as well. :D So, if I call you atok, be honoured! hee~ :D

He's like a cat nowadays~

Before this, if he was shy, he'd run to his mum and just never let anyone take his picture. And me? I broke the record - as can be read here. But, lately, he's been really really shy. Seriously, he acts like a CAT! He's cute like a cat as well, as I'm sure Shu'bah would agree. :P

Once, I was on my way to school - I was pretty late and hardly anyone was around the area. I walked hurriedly until, I came pass a cat. It was a black and white cat. It just stared at me as I was walking and after I passed it - that cat actually FOLLOWED me! It was adorable yet creepy. =.= I had lots of questions running in my head - do I smell like fish? Is it gonna scratch me? Is it gonna follow me to class? Is it gonna kill me? Yet, the cat was somewhat scared of me. Whenever I stopped and looked back, it'd stop as well. When I went to it, it ran away. But, when I went back in my direction, it started following back. Seriously, I was late and a cat was following me around. After a while, when the cat was quite far from its owner's home and in the pathway to my school, it stopped a I continued to walk and it kept on miaowing all the way through. Maybe it wanted me to feed it or something. But then, everytime I tried making my way to it, it just ran away. So, how EXACTLY CAN I feed it?

Ok, enough of the cat story. Back to atok - before this, after I've broken the record of being the person he doesn't mind taking pictures of him, he'd be very happy to see me and claimed I was his girlfriend or best friend. Now on the other hand, he's always shy nowadays and it's just weird how a 'best friend' can be this shy. On KAFA last Saturday, while I was playing with a little girl, Imanina, whom I played 'Big Bad Wolf' with before, atok's sister told me to go to atok and so I went. She literally pushed me to go to him and he literally RAN from me, screaming to his mum. Shocked, I said "I'm being pushed to come here" to his mum after feeling sorry for her as her son screamed for her to pick him up. That was weird but what was even weirder was when I got there. His screams wasn't because he was scared, he was just being playful and shy! :) The cute little boy! :) So, I made my way back to Imanina when atok actually came after me! :D

Why am I relating cats to atok?

Because, there's this bigger atok who is like 20+ years old who loves cats. The way he talks about cats, the way he takes care of them is something quite extraordinary to me. It all seems quite unusual to me - It's as if the word atok can affect one's behaviour towards cats. haha.  There's this other person who hates cats without any specific reasons - maybe I need to start calling him atok - maybe then he'll start loving cats! haha. But then, kak meow belang seems to love cats - and I don't call her atok! Maybe it's just this not-atok's problem for hating cats. :P

Ok, that was the story of how I started calling people atok. :) Well, sort of.. :)


  1. i think that other guy doesnt like cats, not that he hates them. :)

  2. heh. maybe..:) Sorry not-atok..i hope ur 'lessons' goes well. :D

  3. i love this entry so.....much because biha described bout 2 things which i like most in this world: cat and kid. :)

    Good idea. Just call that person above as ATUK. :D

  4. same2! :D

    haha. LETS!

    ATOK!! liking cats yet? LOL

    heh. akak, cute x atok sye? ;P



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