Thursday, 21 October 2010

Please don't cry...

Please don't cry,

I've cried my tears out dry,

It's not your turn now,

So please don't cry.


Deactivation seemed the best thing to try,

In order to reduce the plight.

But, oh how sly!

He said that to make me forget my plan!


Looks like you'll have to be stuck with me,

Through laughters or cries,

And don't forget to pay for my flight,

If not to Malaysia, Spain would be alright. ;)


Here, have a cute teddy with a cute lolly. :)

Credits to Umar Mujahid for this drawing of his. :)


  1. hahaha..Biha!

    I cant stop smilling while reading this 'love letter'. :) :) :)

    Then,u change to Spain?really act like a 'POSH's' again.:D

    Thank u so much :) Insya Allah, i'll try my best.Cry is one way to prove that i'm a pure woman.rite. :)

  2. hehe..meow putih mst la kene POSH2. :) kalo x leh spain, turkey ade. :) jgn lpe private jet eh? hehe..

    yea..wanita tulen tu! :D

  3. haha~ eh..rhyme ape..cry n dry

    flight, alright..n bnyk lg la kan. :)

    bsides, its better to get the msg thru without rhymes than hvin rhymes with no msg..hehe..:)



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