Friday, 21 October 2011

1 Malaysia tak boleh 1 Bahasa?


Just felt like sharing my experience of going to the Maxis Centre at KLCC today. I went there to pay my Maxis Broadband bill - one that I've not paid since August, primarily because I thought Maxis Broadband was no good since it gives me a lot more problem than it does give me access to the internet and I planned to pay for it when I want to cancel the broadband with them - Dude! I use Celcom Broadband now!

Anyways, getting back to the title. It's not a massive deal. It's just, when I went to the Maxis Centre in KLCC, this Maxis man greeted me. I appreciate him greeting me, but I find it quite strange how he changed his language whilst talking to me.

So, the conversation goes like this;

Maxis man:Welcome to Maxis. Do you need any help. (I looked pretty lost at this time)
Tiny me:  Oh. (Surprised) Hi, Where can I pay my bills?
Maxis man: Oh. Dekat kaunter no. 22
Tiny me: Kaunter 22? Kena beratur ke?
Maxis man: Tak tak tak. Pergi straight je. (Friendly-ish tone)
Tiny me: Oh ok. Terima kasih. :)

See what's so strange about the man? What? you can't? Come on, people! He started greeting me in English and then all of a sudden he changes the language after I answered him in ENGLISH? If you want to speak english so much, carry on speaking english til the end of the conversation! Grr. hehe. Only joking. ^^ It just made me wonder why. ^^

Oh well. I guess that's Malaysia for you. ^^

Note: I wrote this to share and because I think I've left my blog unposted for quite a while now. Sorry bloggy, I've been busy (eating and sleeping). T.T hehe.

Til next time, Salam and a good day to you! ^^


  1. 'Sorry bloggy, I've been busy (eating and sleeping). T.T hehe.'

    haha..U're funny. ;D



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