Sunday, 12 June 2011

Islam's beauty

Just thought I'd share a poem I've written for a contest. :)

Islam's beauty

Islam's beauty,
Covers a lot more than covering the body.
It lies in modesty,
And modesty it teaches to society

Islam's beauty,
Cannot be sold for fame or glory.
Because it's not about the money,
It's not about being fancy

Islam's beauty,
Not many can see,
But have a think and have a peek,
You'll find its beauty once you seek

Islam's beauty,
Lies in believing in God,
The One and Only,
There is no God but He

Islam's beauty,
Is not compulsion of religion,
Don't ever bump into confusion.
To force someone to convert is completely forbidden

Islam's beauty,
Lies not in suicide bombings,                      
Or killing innocent human beings,
Those are fanatics with bias knowledge into being

Islam's beauty,
Can be understood from the Quran and Hadiths only,
Don't judge its beauty from the people around,
They're too worked up to have the beauty found

Islam's beauty,
Brings the world in harmony,
Only when it is applied,
That's the key.

Islam's beauty,
I'm sure you'll agree,
Needs no fee,
Just a heart that can see

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