Friday, 20 December 2013

Bloggy, I miss thee!

Bloggy, I really do miss thee!

It's almost been like what? A year since my last post? Not almost actually, it's been more than a year  judging from the date of the previous post. Oh well, I'm back now! :)

Well, just as an update, I've finished my A-Level and am currently doing a degree in finance at UiTM Shah Alam, Malaysia. Currently in my 4th Semester. Yeah. 2 rough years have passed. Am I lovin' it? Of course! The chilling out with friends bit anddd..that's about it. Do I love studying? NO! I love learning, but not studying!

Studying VS Learning

So, what's the difference in these two words? Well, it may give the same meaning to some people, but to me, these two words gives a whole of a difference.Simply because one's studying and the other learning. See what I mean? Come on, people! It's not so hard. :)

From the Advanced English Dictionary I have installed in my phone, studying  means reading carefully with intent to remember, while learning means  the cognitive process of acquiring skill or knowledge. In my view, studying is like me forcing myself to remember things I don't necessarily need while learning is me trying to find answers to my questions and curiousity. In other words, me looking for knowledge willingly, and since I don't like being forced to do things - no matter how big or small, I never like studying. NOT EVER!

But hey, since my final exams are coming up in about a week's time, starts on 30th Dec to be specific - FYI, on MY BIRTHDAY! I guess there is nothing else I can do BUT study! I guess to sweeten it up, I can try to entertain myself with made up songs related to my subjects and formulas. Possibly?

Oh well, I'm pretty sure I'll survive if it's just a couple of books on my desk. Besides, I got this quote to motivate me. :) Shared by an Islamic Speaker from a talk I attended before:

Well, that's all for today. (Midnight-ish day. 1.23am to be specific)

Tata tiTi Tutu


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