Saturday, 21 December 2013


Okay, so right now, my weight is 67kg - was actually, it's gone up to 68kg after I've just had my dinner. Am I worried? Of course I am! I remember my days in England when my mum told me I was getting fat - I was only 40+ then. If I was considered fat when I was 40kg. Now, what am I? *sobs* T.T

Since I considered myself rather slim back then in England, my aim right now is to lose 20kg.

I was pretty slim, right? RIGHTTT??

Alright. So, the picture's me babysitting some cute kids, so it's no surprise that I'd join in the fun with them, right? Anyways, all I know right now is I want to LOSE WEIGHT!! And what will I do to get myself there? Of course, EXERCISE! hehe. People say exercise is important as well as a good healthy diet, but I think the latter's a bit hard to work on. But, I guess I'll find a way somehow. Maybe eat more fruits rather than takoyaki I suppose. Or, maybe not.

All I know is, I'm DETERMINED to lose weight! Not only because my parents keep on telling me to, BUT, I have some other reasons which only a few of my friends know. hehe. And plus, it's not so bad to lose weight and be healthy, right? And so, from now on, I will try my BEST to


And not to forget this lil tip as well

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