Sunday, 11 October 2009

Hijab - a form of oppression?

Many people has asked me how I feel about wearing a hijab, or a headscarf as some people call it. Well, the first main reason would be - it is part of my religion, for women to cover their body from strangers and people who has no right to see their body.

Secondly, I know hijab is a way to protect me and avoid sinful and shameful acts. Protect me in what way you may wonder? It's to protect me from lustful men and it avoids me from being the target of rapists etc. I mean, think about it, if I cover my body, men won't be as attracted or tempted to come near me, flirt with me and sleep with me, only for the sake of fulfilling their sexual desire. But then, if that was the case, who would want to marry me, you ask? That is a really good question and I've got a really good answer ;) Good men would not pick a wife by their body shape or how many guys she's slept with. They would not even want her to be the attention of other guys, let alone their hands. They would want their wives to be modest, independent and able to take care of herself - let her be confident with her own beauty, not dependent on make-ups and tight jeans. Let her be powerful - in terms of knowledge, and not how good she is in seducing other men. So, I'll get a good man in return, I mean, who would want to get married and be left for another 'sexy' woman?

Thirdly, I know I'm free - free from the pressures most girls face - pressures on how to look good, what make-ups I should use, how I should use it. To be fairly honest, I couldn't care less about make-ups; I'm not a tomboy, I just don't like having people looking at me as if I'm their dinner or something. Saves money as well! :D

Because I'm running out of time, I'll leave you with a couple of good videos that can be related to our subject here. Enjoy! :D

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