Friday, 2 October 2009

Results day!!

27th August 2009 - Getting ready to go out to get my GCSE results. Don't know what to expect. I mean, since the start of year 11, I hardly revised at all. And what's even worse - I hardly touched my subject books, even during the examination month, not even a single past paper booklets did I look through. :(( Well, maybe I exaggerated a bit there. I did read some and went on the internet to do 'further research and studies', at least, that's what I intended to do - until I found myself on facebook, chatting with my friends and playing some games, after what was meant to be 'a minute or two on facebook'.

*Sigh* And today's the day I'm getting my results, and my head wonders, did the time I've 'used' on facebook pay off? Or has it paid out? *Sigh* T.T

Whoever knew time would go so fast? And now I'm in year 12, getting stressed every minute! Well, maybe not every minute, I'm not a PhD student yet! xP

My results you wonder? Well, I got an overall pass, if that's enough, and I had loads of people saying "Well done, Nab!" But still, I think I could've done better - if I spent more time on studying and revising rather than going on facebook 24/7. I mean, on my maths mock exam, I got an A*, I was the first in my class. But unfortunately, my overconfidence and laziness dropped it to a B in the real thing. T.T. How shock I was - my mum was seriously dissapointed and you can pretty much guess how she was like - how most mums would be like!

I got a higher distinction (equivalent to A and A*) in PE, 6Bs and 3Cs. It's not so bad when you think about it. At least I didn't fail GCSE and I don't have to have re-takes this year. But, it's not good enough to me and my parents, and trust me, it's not because I'm trying to stress myself or anything like that - it's just that it won't be enough for me to apply for scholarship back in my country - at least - that's what we think - the competition there is just too high! So, instead of going back to my country this year, we've decided to change the plan and let me stay here for another one year.*Sigh* and I was looking forward to going back home T.T . Well, guess it was my fault for not studying - my parents will be glad to know I've learnt my lesson! C: Next up - AS evel! I need to score this one to get into Uni - not that much, 4As would be enough! x))

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