Friday, 9 October 2009

Sports over computing?

Don't know the exact date but I dropped computing, Yay! I know before this I said I wanna have my own business in the computing industry, but, fact of the matter is, I didn't know what I was talking about! lol xP Anyways, it was getting too stressful for me as sir kept on giving us new homeworks to be handed in the day after, plus, I was getting rather put off in computing actually. The class was boring - I'd rather do maths than the work given in the class! That was how bad it was! :(
Why sports you ask? Well, basically, a friend of mine did sports and seemed to enjoy it. So, I was like "Is sports alright?" and she was like "Yeah! we do badminton in practical" (ie my fav sport) So, I was like, "Oh, I want that!" which brought to my decision to drop computing for sports. Plus, I thought sports would be a bit like a 'stress-release' for me C:. And it is! Except - it includes biology and psychology in theory lessons. I have no problems with psychology, in fact, I wanted to drop computing for psychology at first, but because there were too many people doing the course, the school won't let me. Personally, I think Biology is alright, I mean the human body is something interesting to learn about - it's just the terms that I'll need to remember is the problem. But, I guess I can't tell sir I wanna do sports just for the practical lessons T.T.

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