Wednesday, 11 August 2010

My Loves, Ramadhan's here!! :D

It's nearly here and as I understand, it will start on Wednesday the 11th (tomorrow) ! :) Happy fasting! :) May our deeds be accepted and our faith strengthen. :)

This note is for all - mama, ayah, abg2, kakak2, adik2, nenek2, atok2, cucu2, moyang2 n all!. :) Unfortunately, I wanted to tag loads more people but I can't. T.T So, whether you're tagged or not, please read :)

I'd like to say I'm sorry for all my wrongdoings, my words which may hv upset you, acting like a kid, calling names that you don't like (do let me know), talking behind your back, not keeping promises, not paying back my debts and all the other horrible things which I may have done or put you through. Apologies from my hand, my mouth, my brain, my heart, my everything! I am so so so so so so SORRY. really I am. will you forgive me? :( 

Other than that, I'd like to say thank you to ALL for helping me, advising me, reminding me of the difference between good and bad and a lot of other good deeds you've done. :D Thank you! May Allah bless! :)

May we have a blessed ramadhan and may we meet lailatul qadar, insyaAllah. :) I pray you peace and harmony. :D 

salam~ ^^


  1. :)Smile when i see this entry.

    Minta maaf zahir batin juga kat bihah.:)
    Semoga ramadhan kali ini BERMAKNA buat kita semua.amin.Insya Allah.

  2. :D glad it made u smile kak :)

    heh. kte stay kosong2 eh kak? :D
    ameen~ n smoga kte dpt brtemu dgn mlm lailatul qadar :)



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