Thursday, 5 August 2010

This iPhone is for .....

Correct. This iPhone is for the one and only 'BIG cucu' that I have, ojeesan or better known as Munsyi OR better known as, again, bakal jurutera. From the last name, I presume he dreams of being an engineer. He does automotive engineering anyway - so, I'm pretty sure I'm right to say he wants to be an engineer. :D

Since it's your birthday, bakal jurutera, let me just say - thank you for all your help, ojeesan! What's that got anything to do with your birthday? Well, that's an example of how long you've helped me - it's been like what? 23 years now?! LOL. nahh..I've not lived that long. It's been for about a couple of months now? I ain't fooling - thanks atok (the name you refused to be called)!

Before I forget, if you're getting married before June next year, please do prepare a sum of money for my flight to your wedding! haha xD <-- No, seriously - I'm dead serious.! :)

Just a short poem for you:

Selamat hari jadi wahai bakal jurutera,
Syukur, umurmu panjang dengan izin-Nya.
Jangan lupa jemput obachan di luar negara,
Pabila kamu berkahwin dengan si dia.
Demi kebahagiaanmu wahai bakal jurutera,
Doaku, moga kamu berjaya di dunia dan akhirat hendaknya. 

And here I end this entry, Assalamualaikum~ ^^



  1. hehe. thanks lil Obachan. Gonna invite you insyaAllah but 1st, u hv to pray for my success as an engineer. :)

    Thanks for the iPhone. Post the real thing to me la..=)

  2. eh..the real thing..i was hopin u'd post it to me :P

  3. I want that I pod too!
    Well,cute entry with little bit naughty here.

    Please Pray for the best takdir for ojeesan and that girl ya. :)

    May Allah bless ojeesan and obachan and tq so much for this entry. :)

  4. heh. naughty ke? part mane? ;P

    I will, InsyaAllah :) I'll pray for u, ojeesan, myself, my frens, my brothers' n sisters' n a lot more ppl. :) Pray 4 me as well :) still waiting 4 my 'unknown jodoh' xP

    Ishh Nabihah ni, study! ape kess ttbe msuk unknown jodoh ni ek? xP haha xD

  5. btw, about the ipod. Tell ojeesan to post one to me ble die jd jurutera. heh. kte dh siap design stu utk dibuat utk kte. hehe

  6. InsyaAllah obachan. But u need to study hard first. Go and study lil kid :P

  7. study till the very end. :) hah. since wen has my name changed from obachan to a kid, eh? T.T



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