Thursday, 4 March 2010

Adzwar - Budak terpaling mahal di dalam DUNIA!

candid :)

He's an ordinary kid who's nothing like any other average kid. He may not be the son of a king. But, he sure is as CUTE as a prince. :) Seriously - he plays hard to get almost every single time. But hey, I broke the record! :D

It's like this. Usually, whenever someone tries to take a picture of him, he will RUN away. Trust me, he even ran from his sister when she tried taking a photo of him. Even me, before this, I had to run after him around the house just to get his picture.

When I had to chase after him around the garden

But, don't know why, he lets me take his picture now. ONLY me! :D haha xD I'm so happy! :D Don't know whether it's him feeling sorry for me or he's just getting used to having me taking candid photos of him, until at last - all I'll have to say is "Adzwar - smile" and he'll go "smile", while smiling from ear to ear :D


  1. adzwar so kawaii ne ^^

    hugs n kisses xoxo~~

  2. yep2..mmg comel an?? kalo baye aku mmg dh lame aku masuk minang!! hahahaha xDD



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