Friday, 8 January 2010

Let's get ready!!

Arghh!! Hear this - I'm having an exam by the 11th and 19th January 2010, a proper AS level exam, Core 1 maths and Decision 1 maths, but I've not revised a single thing! I had two weeks christmas holidays started from the 19th of Dec till the 4th of January - surprisingly, I didn't touch a single book, well maybe I opened my Maths book when my mum realised I had exam coming but never actually revised for it. Why I did such foolish thing you ask? the start of the hols, I rushed myself to do a work which was supposedly handed in on friday the 18th, (handed it in on saturday midnight), but turned out it was due on fri the week after school starts (How uncool is that?!). I went to a friend's house for a sleepover, and then I had my other friends coming and having a sleepover at my house and then this contest, where I had to write 25 articles in 10 days, but in my case - a week, that I just had to enter just made me think, "'ll have saturday and sunday to revise". To be honest, I completely forgot about the exams, until Roshni reminded me of it on FaceBook xD. And now, that I've submitted about 26 articles for the contest, I think I'm ready to start studying, don't you? Why on Earth am I still on the computer? Well, I think I'll be off now and get ready for school. Bye (:

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