Wednesday, 27 January 2010

I got my mug!! ^-^

Alhamdulillah, my long wait for my well-deserved prize is finally here! :) The holiday competition required me to submit at least 25 articles and it needs to be approved by the editorial team for me to qualify. What makes this all a big thing? Well, for one, I never actually knew about the competition until the closing date. It started on 23/11/09 I think and the closing date was the new year. At the same day the 3rd HAHD Marathon began. This is where we need to write at least 100 articles in order to qualify. Before the 1st of Jan, I have written around 13 articles to get myself ready for this 'marathon'. Fortunately for me, I received an email telling me about the Holiday competition that I nearly missed. It would be easy if I just told myself not to do it, since I ran out of time anyway, but as easy as it could be, I just had to put myself through the struggle! So, I had no idea how, but I just submitted the articles I've 'prepared'. At least, that's what I tried to do, until I found out I ran out of article submissions, since I was still a 'basic' member. How upset I was, it's not just about the 'struggle', what I really wanted was the cute snowman mug that I felt was just a MUST to have one. Not only will it give me something to be proud of, but something I can always use to remind myself of what I can do when I just put my mind into it, regardless of time restrictions and other constraints.

People, usually heroes in movies and children's cartoons always say, "Never give up!" and that was exactly what I did. Because I knew this offer could not last forever, I sent an email to the site asking about the problem I faced and thankfully, due to my unusual circumstances, they allowed me to have a 1 week extension and I managed to submit all the articles needed by then. :) And now, I have my mug with me, along with an unexpected coffee and leather coaster! :)

Next up, 3rd HAHD Marathon, here I come! After, I ace my business test tomorrow. Till then, anyone got any bright ideas on what topic I may write about? If so, do send an email to or simply leave a comment on this post. ^-^



  1. wow , ur blog look great! ;)
    mst da lame kan ade blog nie. haha
    k.ifa baru je nak wat. wee
    tp rs cm xlame jer blog nie.haha
    xpndai sgtt kott. ;)
    nway , congratz! ;)

  2. thanxx kak :)
    hehe..x la lme mne blog nie ;)
    nie sbenanye blog lme dh posts dorg export ke cni la an..hehe :)

    all da best r kak first mmg pening bese je.hehe ^-^



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