Monday, 25 January 2010

Women and Mimosa Pudica (pokok Semalu)

There was once been said that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was walking with his daughter, Fatimah. While passing by a dates palm, Fatimah accidentally stepped on a Mimosa Pudica and her feet bled. She asked her father (PBUH), what is the use of the plant growing there? The Prophet (PBUH) explained that the phsical characteristics of the plant was closely related with women. 4 aspects that can be taken as a lesson from the plant's features.

1. The way in which the plant closes every time it is touched. This can be linked that women needs to have a sense of shyness at certain places or situations.

2. Mimosa Pudica has sharp thorns to defend itself, symbolising that women needs to know how to defend herself and her dignity.

3. The roots of the plant are strong and it holds on to the ground tightly. This shows that a religious woman needs to be faithful, as if the heart is rooted with this strong faith.

4. A Mimosa Pudica folds itself as the sun sets, as if this beautiful creation of Allah (SWT) is reminding the women to go back home as night comes. According to the history of aihaqi, there are 99 parts of attraction in a woman, compared to a man, and because of it, Allah (SWT) bestows the sense of shyness to women.

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