Sunday, 7 February 2010

Is speaking English a problem?

Hi, this post is especially written to all the haters that's been trying to put me down. And all for what? Because I can speak English and I have a 'Loughborough' accent? Just so you know, I have the accent because I was in England for about one whole year when I was young - 8 years old to be precise. My dad was furthering his studies in England, you can't expect him to leave me! And, who in this wonderful world would have the insane mind as to not send his children to school? Especially when the school is free! That's right people, the schools here are free! So, when I was 8, my dad sent me to Rendell Primary school, which was a proper good school if you ask me. The teachers were nice, the staff treated you as if you were their own child. Now, how amazing is that? And, you can voice out your opinions as well - which was really important to building a child's confidence people!

Huuuhh..I'm sorry, I was in an emotional breakdown cause my so called friend just made fun of me because I use English when I update my status - either in Facebook or YM. It reminds me of all the bad memories I've had in my previous school. It was a really good, all girls school, but I had some problems with some teachers. I think mainly because of my attitude and loudness. Hmm. One example, when I was ten, had this homework which required me to draw the pyramids of food or something like that, and because I like my writing to be small, I drew the picture not as big as my friends. In the end - the teacher screamed in front of the whole class and threw my book outside. I was extremely upset then. I mean, imagine yea - you've had a year of soft treatment from your previous school years, and then all of a sudden, you get a teacher so harsh that you just breakdown in a class. Hello! I was 10 years old! You could have said more nicely to let me know the reasons why it's wrong. That way, I can actually understand you and even love you - only if you were a bit more nicer.
Oh well, Now that that I'm 8 years older, I know why the teacher tell me off for my small and cute work - she was jealous! No one can draw as cute as I draw! hehe..jokes :) It was actually because, if I were to go into exam with my small handwriting (no matter how cute it is), if the examiner can't read it, they can just give me an F. So, I guess the teacher was really trying to help me, although indirectly speaking. She really did help me a lot.

Now, I know what you're thinking. What's the link between cute little handwriting and English speaking? And you're probably right to. There is absolutely NO link. That's right - NO link whatsoever. I was just trying to let my thoughts out after that emotional breakdown. But really, to all you haters - drop the low mentality and start being open. And by open, I don't mean stripping every inch of your clothes. I meant broaden your mind and horizon, and start thinking about others as well as yourself.

Thank you,
Nabs ^-^ (the cute little handwriting master)


  1. teruknya cikgu 2..cikgu mn tu?meh nak g sound sikit..hehehehe

  2. Not a problem at all, unless you think so :)
    btw i blog/update my fb status in English too, even though I wasn't living in England when I was 8. Neither am currently living in the UK ^^; Oh I have never been to the uK in the first place :P
    good think that none of my friends ever makes fun of my english, however sappy it is.
    btw stumbled upon yours out of nowhere. and saying hi :)

  3. Fatin: i2 r..cikgu melayu..:S xP dh lari ke tempat laen rsenye xP

    imajica: LOL..Thank U..U hve such good n supportive frens :) mine kept on teasing me n asking me to repeat stuff wen I talk in front of the class..n then go..woohoo! we were really havin fun..but..u cant help but feel intimidated n left out sometimes. :S
    hi bak 2 u :)



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