Monday, 1 March 2010

What you need to 'Never Give Up!'

You watch an anime and the hero's motto will always be "never give up", and then we, if not the kids, will always get motivated as to make that motto part of our lives. But, as always, it's easier said than done. Ever wondered what it takes to stick with this motto?


You can never go anywhere without the intention to succeed. For example, you're hungry and your mum/ wife hasn't cooked anything for you yet. What would you do? Cook something for yourself or just sit there in front of the computer, hoping time will feed your hunger? If you just cannot be bothered to do something, nothing will happen! So, to never give up, make sure you are determined with your goal and do NOT lose sight of it!


Similar to determination, motivation is essential in making you work no matter what! Without it, your goal will be impossible to meet. The difference between determination and motivation; determination is where you push yourself to success, whilst motivation is where you are pushed by someone or something else towards success. Completely different in meaning, but both are equally necessary for people with the motto 'never give up!'. Without them, you are doomed!


Now, you must be thinking I'm joking. Believe me - I am NOT! You will not last a single day without patience. Why you wonder? Why not if I may ask you? If you expect things to go your way, when and how you want it, you are completely fooling yourself! As I've just learned from my past histories, the world does not revolve around us. It's we who revolve around the world. So, we need to make our stay as sweet and pleasant as we can, no matter how impossible that may seem.

Failures are inevitable, but that doesn't mean we will have to be stuck with it for the rest of our lives. Sometimes, they're there to teach us and because of this, we need to be patient. When something unexpected happens, take your time, understand why certain things happen and think of a way how to avoid the problem in the future and how you could go about in order to solve it. If you don't have the patience, you're bound to give up every time something bad comes along.

Belief in success

One of the most important ingredient, but hardly ever found. When you want to succeed, you need to believe you're capable of success. If you only think of yourself as a loser, what is there that's going to push you all the way to success? Forget determination, forget all the points I've mentioned before. If you don't have the belief in yourself, the belief that you can succeed, trust me - you will always give up in the end.


  1. Very..very inspirational. :0

  2. nicely written. thanks for the reminder. need to believe in myself more. ^_^

  3. Assalamualaikum,
    In "Belief in success", set clear and measureable goal. For example, rather than saying "I'll post more frequently", it's better to say "I'll post one entry a day starting next week".
    Anyway great post!
    Good positive posts are hard to come by these days.

  4. Munsyi SaMa, arigato gozaimas sensei ^-^

    waalaikummussalam warahmatullah hi wabarokatu Greenlava ^-^
    thank U 4 da extra tip :) I'll try it myself I xD
    n THANK U 4 da nice comment about this post :D

  5. Does hope come when you are not dwelling on the current situation?
    The acceptance that the here and now are only temporary helps one see that the future lies ahead of us...even beyond human limits. Even my worst days are filled with hope. Now there does seem to be the ability to hope and to accept unforeseen, unwanted conditions. It seems that hope would be directly related to one's ability to relenquish control of their given predicament and have faith. Without faith, is their hope?

  6. @ Anonymous. once, I read off fb about the life of an emryo..when that embryo was in the womb of his/ her mother, going through the process of gaining soul and life etc. that embryo wud never hv thought how wonderful the world he was going to get into..i think dat fits with ur "Now there does seem to be the ability to hope and to accept unforeseen, unwanted conditions". so, dats y I'm sharin it..hehe

    hoho. I'd say, without faith. how can we have hope? Once we stop believing, we'll stop trying..T.T so, note to myself: Never Give UP! :)



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