Sunday, 14 March 2010

I'm getting married!!

Guess who knocked and proposed?
That's right - Mr. SA.
He's the son of King Stress and Queen Anxiety.
So, he's pretty much a prince.
Prince Stre-xiety to you!
Not that I don't want him and all..
but..I think I would do good enough even without him around.

So, I'm putting him up for auction for FREE!
No questions asked - you can get him for FREE!
You read it right people - FREE!

The reason I got him?

Well, I need to write at least another 75 articles to enter this good contest and, I have my As level to think about! As level - errmm..maybe in another 7/8 weeks time? *sobs2* T.T So, I want a divorce! Divorce I tell ya, DIVORCE!! Which is the reason why I wrote this entry. I'm sorry Mr. Stre-xiety, but I think all I need now is Mr. Calm & Cool..T.T I guess we're just not meant to be...

PS: The title should've been "I'm married".


  1. LOL... it's fun reading your entry Nab. Anyway, all the best in your study.

  2. hahahahahahahahahhah cant stop laughing

  3. haha..thanxx kakchik..I need to keep on reminding myself - studies!! huhu..T.T

    Ms Irdina, ain't my hubby a 'dream'?? ;)



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