Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Nasi Goreng

Woke up at half past six in the morning - half an hour earlier than intended. Could have used my time nicely by taking a shower or something. But, since I couldn't be bothered to wake up, I thought I'd just lie in bed until my alarm went off. So, twenty minutes wasted just by staring into space while lying in bed.

When I was finally 'awake' to get myself downstairs - to get some breakfast, I realised there was NO breakfast. So, as hard as it was, I had to prepare my OWN by MYSELF. Sadly though, I didn't have time for it since it was only ready to be eaten by the time I went out of the door to get myself to school.

What did I do then? To feed my empty stomach, I had to walk back home after my first lesson - only to find what I had intended to eat in the first place was finished! As much as I do NOT like cooking, I had to prepare something and came up with this magnificient, breathtaking Nasi Goreng! Fried rice in English. :)

click on the picture for better view ;)

As always, once I cook something, the whole WORLD is in shock! Not because I can't cook, but mainly because I prefer to cook what I want, when I want. Reminder : It has nothing to do with the taste! Oh wait, it does actually. Some people are just AMAZED at how good of a cook this girl can be. ;) The food was AWESOME! (self-praising once in awhile) ;) And truthfully, I'm quite happy with myself. I'm learning step by step on how to be a 'good girl' :)

Usually, if there is no food on the table and my mum isn't around, I'll ask my big brother to do the cooking. But, during half term last week, when my parents went Spain, I actually cooked! And guess what? I even have a picture to prove it ;)
o0oopss..can't seem to find it xP Pretty sure you can trust me without any proof ;) I'll try and get it sorted :0


You've only got ONLY 9 WEEKS LEFT!!

Well, since I get that reminder (again!) I think I'll stop here now.


Salam ^-^


  1. eii name u cm my mum. sush nk jumpe name same kut. hihi. but my mum org pggl 'bea'.

    nasi goreng tuh nmpk sedp. lapo plak. =D

  2. delicous yum.. yumm i wanna taste it pleassee !! heheh :)

  3. @inora putri..'bea' as in 'bi'?? hehe..tme kaceh2..mmg sdap pon..haha xD (x abes2 nk memuji diri sndiri) xP

    @Markjue..no worries..kalo nk taste..anda amat lah dijemput utk dtg ketuk pintu rumah..sure nnt kte leh jd chef sehari ;)

    @joegrimjow..xdek duet lg la nk hire caurier lg..huhu..T.T

  4. can u send it to me?i'm hungry right now....hehehehe

  5. @natasya

    haha..sure2..but..since the dish is priceless n rare..postage wud be expensive..xD lol xD



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