Wednesday, 3 March 2010

I love being short, tqvm :P

A lot of boys brag about their height. Well, not a lot actually. Usually, they just stay cool and all that (probs bcoz most of 'em are 2 years older than me). But, as always, there will always be someone making fun of my height because they're taller than me and feels the 'need' to tease me.

Once, this boy was saying "Haha. I'm younger than you, but still, I'm taller than you!" FYI little boy, I don't care! I love being short ^-^ and, it's normal for a boy to be taller than a girl. You're only like 2 years younger than me :P Mr.S who's 2 years younger than you is WAY taller - so don't think you're all that! :P

Now, Mr.S has asked me "Why would you ever LIKE being short?!" And here are my answers :)

Reasons why I loooove being short:

* Easier for little kids to look at me.
* Shortie = Cutie. I know you'll agree ;)
* Being tall would be nice, but would be awkward when I'm around friends
* Who wants a husband being shorter than them?

Who knows what else? I'm just happy being the 150+ cm me :) So, whatever you do, do not diss me over my height. Seriously, it'll just make you look like a total jerk - so, might as well not try.

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