Thursday, 4 March 2010

My favourite visits!

:D Assalamualaikum :D

I just came up with a new widget on my sidebar. Of course, it's not me who created it. It's a simple bloglist of my favourite blogs :D Easy for me to know when they're updated and all that.

Now, I know some people find blogs with too many widgets annoying. So, I decided to get rid of my Google Ads, or maybe just put it near the top, bottom or something. I'll let the rest be on myfree softwares blog. And I seriously do hope I'm not making a big mistake, and I'm pretty sure I'm NOT. Maybe a huge mistake, but surely not big. ngee~

So, as some may wonder. Why did I risk my ads? Well, for one, I like sharing the blogs I find useful. Second, I'm gonna be adding new posts which involves alcohols etc. (you'll see when it comes on), and because of this, I do NOT like to risk my ads being inappropriate. Before this, I had online dating ads - which is seriously something I do NOT like. So, I thought it'd be better if I just got rid of them. LOL xD


  1. salam nab.. :)

    it's great (and happy of coz) to see my blog there, in your 'My Fav Visits' list.

    Thanks dear friend! :)

  2. wsalam wrt yus..

    no pobs ^-^ ur blog deserves to be a favourite ;)



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