Monday, 26 July 2010

My restaurant has NO doors, but it DOES have an entrance. :)

It's been quite a while since I've played Restaurant City. No, let me rephrase that - It's been AAAGES since I played Restaurant City on FaceBook. After getting back on it today, truthfully, I wasn't surprised why I left it for such a long time - the restaurant was horrible! I think it was a plan gone wrong or something.

At first, looking at it - I was like "Nahh..I ain't playing this thing again. It looks too awful!".

The trouble with me - I want my restaurant to be like all those other famous five-star restaurants. That's not a weakness - rather, it should be a motivation, right? But hey, I thought it looked so horrible that it own't be worth my time to play on it anymore. But then it hit me!

  "Nabihah, if you intend on making a business, you can't just give up everytime things don't go as how you've planned!" 
And that my friends was the start of my newly-found inspiration to keep on playing the game! haha xD. It's AMAZING how you can relate a game to reality just to make yourself 'work' harder. You see, I've been wanting to start my own business when I get back home in Malaysia - possibly start selling at my university. Selling and studying - that'll be one of my dreams come true. :) That is of course - if Allah wills. ^^ The world of business, as I understand, will not be as easy as this game - there'll be loads more risk and loads more problems on the way. So, that's how I came to that kind of conclusion - to never GIVE UP! ngee~! :D

The picture above is my restaurant after that 'inspiration' I had. Notice that it doesn't come with doors but has a maze for a garden? Well, that's so that I can buy time and reduce the number of 'complaints' I'd get from my beloved customers. :) However, I felt I could buy some more time - which led to this:

I know - the tiles needs to be changed, and I need to find a better way of buying time since this one looks horrible! I'm broke at the moment and so, highly doubt I can add that much to the restaurant with such little money.

Whatever happens to the restaurant, I think I'll just let it happen because NOW is the time for me to get back to reality! 

Assalamualaikum~ ^^


  1. Kak,help me!!
    i played Restaurant City last year!!
    now,my restaurant is like a pig-sty thingy!
    T<T :( :'(

  2. hahaha xD LOL :)

    wat happened? i thought it looked ok? xP

  3. i left the game becoz it was boring.. :P

  4. what's with buying more time. ur customers might come to ur restaurant, but that will b the last time. :P

  5. @anon. myb u didnt work hard ebough to make it fun 4 urself. haha xD

    @munsyi. haha~ NO. u keep on coming to my restauranT! :P if u play the game, you'll know wat I mean by buying more time :)

  6. Ok?! it's not ok! *exaggerating*
    argh!! Work Harder,i know it's just a game but it's good for your future..LOL :P
    i mean as in u planning for something and it has a certain budget...
    wth am i talking about here?! :/



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