Sunday, 11 July 2010

This is why I write.

A number of people has been curious to know why I have a blog – why I write what I write and what makes me want to write. Some believe I should really be studying instead of blogging. For those people, as much as I appreciate your concern for my studies and my future in this world, please allow me to explain why I write what I write and why I cannot afford to give in to negativity – either yours or mine.

My time is near

I know you'll argue that I'm still young. By the 30th December this year, I will reach my 18th birthday – that is of course, IF Allah wills. If my death comes before that, what would I have as my 'source' of rewards (pahala) if I have not done anything that people can benefit from after my death? I am hopeful that what I write here will benefit myself, and my readers – boy or girl, young or old. I want my blog to be useful, not a place to say that I'm a fool.:)

I am a normal, sensitive girl

I don't like to show it, but believe me – even the slightest negativity can upset me, especially if its from someone I really care about and expect support from. Please, I'm begging you, encourage me through positivity, not through your negative attitudes. I'm a human being, a student and still learning. So, I'm bound to make mistakes. Would you then, not forgive me for these mistakes of mine?

Amar Ma'aruf, Nahi Munkar

If I wanted to live in a healthier, happier and safer society, why would I not stick to this concept? Amar Ma'aruf, Nahi Munkar - Call people to things that are good, prevent them from doing things that are bad or can lead to bad consequences. Please understand, as I try to fix my own self, I also want to fix this World into being better. You might say I'm ambitious – well, I'll say – YOU'RE RIGHT! And it's because I'm ambitious that I work hard. Otherwise, I might just laze around and act as if the whole world revolves around me.

To conclude, all I'm asking for is your encouragement, kindness and forgiveness. I have not been able to say it to you straight because you seem to stick with the thought that I am 'too ambitious' when it comes to Islam. So, I'm sorry and I hope you'll forgive me because, as I've said before, I cannot afford to give in to negativity – either yours, or mine. Pray for me. :)

Thank you.
Assalamualaikum~ ^^


  1. may all your writings be accepted as good deeds, that people can learn something from them.

    When it comes to Islam, there's nothing wrong with being too ambitious.

  2. amin..

    thxx :) dats wat I like to hear. or in this case, read ^^



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