Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Life has NO second try.!

Remember, patience is faith, money isn't your friend, 
this world is just a loan and we die alone.

I've just had my Decision 2 progress test result today, make that yesterday actually. And enough said, my results weren't that good and weren't that bad. Still, it was not good enough for me! Considering the fact that I want to do all my exams in January, I need to, as my teacher says it, "stay on top of the course" and get the top end grades in every subjects' tests. So, I asked sir if I could do a retake test.

I know I didn't do that well in the test because I didn't revise - and to be fairly honest - I expected a grade far worse than what I had. I assumed it'll be easy and sadly, I was proved wrong. Still, life is to move forwards, not backwards - which is why I asked sir if I could do the retake test (with the hope that I'll prepare myself for it this time).

Anyone would know how painful it is to just not get the grade you want, and yes, we can always have a second try - so long as we're still alive at the time to do so. And then, it finally hit me! The difference between life and school tests - there is NO second try! Once you're gone, that's it, you're finished - GONE! Your fate in the Hereafter may have already been sealed - unless of course if you have left some good things that others can benefit from before you're gone. Amazing - a disappointment in test just taught me an important lesson in life. Subbahanallah, Alhamdulillah. :)

I think the good thing about me - I learn from my mistakes as well as others. But, when it comes to tests, I usually need to see a bad grade for myself first before I will really work hard. The thought of life having no second try was dreadful to me. If I'm the type that likes to 'learn' from failure, how can I succeed the second time around if there's not going to be a second try? So, from today onwards I want to be as patient as I can be and just fill my days up with deeds that can help me in the Hereafter, InysaAllah~ Care to join?

Pray for me :)

Assalamualaikum~ ^^


  1. interesting blog, and quite inspiring it is.

    Im not so sure how to put this in words. im a bit disagree actually. life always have second chance. why? because human always learn from mistakes. life is not like school. in school, we learn first, and then sit for the test. in life, we take test and then learn the lesson. that is why He is the most Forgiving, for us to repent, because He knows humans always make mistakes. Mistakes what make us better.

    i know you were saying about a dead man will never be able to get on earth and pray again. but to say theres no 2nd try in life is not quite precise I guess.

    Just my thought~

    Salam alaik

  2. @ neard. tq 4 ur comment :)

    n I agree with wat ur trynna say. this post is really to remind me to fix myself now b4 I go. bcoz..no matter how much i plead den ie. wen im in my grave etc, I wont be able to come back alive n repent..

    bcoz..some ppl, including me..no matter how many 'tests' we go through..we forget about it the next time around and repeats the same mistake. i guess, wat im trynna say is: better repent now than later AND add more good deeds up, so that it will overweight the bad deeds.

    juz a reminder for myself :) (in my own language.) ^^

    wsalam wrt.

  3. i agree with you too :)

    keep up the good effort then.not many people like to write the way you write it. :)

  4. tq =)

    the way i write it? n wat way is dat?

  5. Err, it resembles the author of the book Life Is An open Secret. Sis Zabrina. I think. Not 100% but quite the same

  6. ohh..my way of writing resembles sis Zabrina? cool..^^



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