Friday, 30 July 2010

A cat made me smile. :)

This happened when I was in my secondary school years in Malaysia. I don't know if it's something unusual or something normal, all I know is - until now, I can't forget what's happened and I don't think I would ever want to forget it.! :) Two cats it was that made me smile - one was orange with white stripe and the other was a black and white cat. Both came when I cried and both turned my frown upside down. :)

As a student who depends on her parents to fetch her from school everyday, when I cannot leave the school before 1:50 pm, I'd have to wait for my mum until 5- 5:30 pm. Waiting until 5:30 would have been fine, IF I only had some friends with me. The only problem was, by 4:30, the school's already empty - leaving me by myself and the security guard. I don't what I was scared of more, the strangers outside or the security guard that was INSIDE the school. I'm a girl - with the crime rates increasing, anything could have happened! At first, I wanted to just let the time fly by doing my homeworks or revising or ANYTHING that'd be useful. I was too scared though. All I could think about was my fate - if there were some people trying to kidnap me, what would I do? If the security guard tried to harm me, how will I defend myself? I even came up with some Kung Fu moves (which I made up myself) just so that I can be prepared if the worst should happen. This came to be sort-of like a norm to me.

On one occasion, I broke down by the canteen's long stool and cried - the canteen was dark, the day seemed to get darker and I spotted a male foreign worker somewhere. I was scared and I didn't know what else I can do. I was technically cursing the school for making the extra curricular thing compulsory - I was emotional then, please understand. When I reassured myself that it was for my own good (I think I did xP), I prayed and prayed for my safety, at the same time thinking of ways to defend myself if anything should happen. Right then and there, the orange cat came. It jumped on the long stool I was sitting on and looked at me, smiling 'mee-ow'ing. I knew tears were still coming out of eyes, but this time, I had a smile on my face. For some reason, my heart calmed and I seriously had the feeling that Allah sent the cat to make me feel better. ngee~ I LOVED IT! ^^ Usually, I'd be scared of cats for their claws, and if they tried coming near me, I'd move away. But this one, it came closer and just sat on the stool and I didn't mind that (surprisingly). Believe it or not, I actually talked to the cat - and that made me feel better. :) You can call me weird if you want, I'm just happy to hear whatever you have to say.

The black and white cat came when the weather was not as good as I've hoped. It was raining heavily, the sounds of thunders were banging in my ears and the sky was dark. Hence, the reason why it proved to be even more scarier than the experience before. Before this I sat in the canteen, now I sat in between the canteen and the school's pavement which linked to my old primary school. Whenever I heard the thunder, my heart would tremble, hoping that I won't be struck by the lightning. As before, I prayed and prayed and prayed. And, a cat came out of NOWHERE. Well, it might have come from the curriculum room wall I was leaning against. hihi. Like the cat from before, this cat smiled as well and you cannot imagine how calm that made me feel. I was thankful, amazed and  just happy that, that cat came. Alhamdulilah. My tears of fear were replaced by tears of joy, laughter and just amazement. I just sat down and thought of the cat as my friend. Talking my heart out.

As I've said before, I don't know if both these experiences are something unusual or something normal, all I know is - until now, I can't forget what's happened and I don't think I would ever want to forget it.! :) And thought I'd like to share it in my blog, so that whenever my time comes, my family and friends would know one of those memories which I just LOVE! :)

Assalamualaikum~ ^^


  1. me Love 5 in d house n u know wut, everytime i back from work, they'll wait on the door.. n 'smile meowing' tooo :>

  2. I learn something so important today...

    Girls should really learn kungfu...yea i mean it. at lesSt they wont get scared if theres no cats around them..lolz

  3. @nexx-novel. dats sweet :) im scared of cats..i can never go near them..T.T

    @neard. LOL.. TRUE indeed. xP n myb some IP man moves as well..

  4. u knw i dont like cats right obachan? but F love them very much. :)

  5. u dont like cats? WHY? ooo..check ur inbox in fb.

  6. Ur ojeesan doesnt like cat becoz 'geli'.haha.what we call 'geli' in english?

    I do love cat so much and I value those who love and care about them too.Thanks Bihah.May Allah bless u. :)

    btw.I forgive ur ojeesan since he gave me rational excuse,why cat and him can't be together ever after. :p

  7. err..geli ade bnyk word, grossed or disgusted or some other word..yg ojeesan nye case..ntah wordnye ape xP

    same to u kak :) Although i love cats - I'm scared of em. T.T seriously, u never know when they're gonna strike you with their claws..T.T

    haha~ xpe2..there's a replacement for ojeesan, catswise. xP I hv an 'atok' who LOVES cats! xD



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