Thursday, 3 June 2010

Learnt a lesson today~~ nycee ^^

So, last night I wanted to try my very first 'Roti Jala', without the help of my mum, after a friend of hers shared her recipe. It was after dinner when I was keen on making one. The trouble with me - I get motivated easily WITHOUT any warnings. Once I feel like doing something, I just do it! Even cooking - as much as I hate cooking, once I get the 'urge' to cook, I'll cook! Too bad it doesn't happen easily in the case to studying though =.=.

Today, after my failed attempts of carrying on with the 'Roti Jala' - it was good, just needed some improvements in the recipe - I added too much of an ingredient and don't know how to fix it. OR, I just gave up and wanted to move on to making a Sponge cake - pandan paste - my favourite! Sadly though, my mother somewhat told me not to before she went out to work. You'll see how this affects me later on.

With my stubborn self, I figured baking a cake won't hurt that much. Plus, it would be a well good surprise to her once I show her the cake, wouldn't it? So, I asked my lovely little siblings "Who wants some cake?" and they went like "ME!". And so I started looking up a new recipe - the old recipe was quite hard and time consuming - I figured finding an easier one would do me good. ^^

As much as I hate myself for this, after I've sifted the flour and sugar, I found out we've ran out of BUTTER!! Guess I deserved it for not listening to my mum..oh well...=.=

Alhamdulillah, that'll ought to teach me to be a better 'listener' :)


  1. wow~making roti jala?i wish to do that....hahahaha~u such a lucky girl =)

  2. wow
    roti jala...
    so delicious
    so, u should be become the good listener after this,..ekekekekek

    thanks coz follow my blog...

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