Saturday, 5 June 2010

Before I go

Before I go,

Allow me to write this,

To get rid of my deep sorrow.

Please - may I ask you, to read first before you diss. :)

Mama, ayah,

I've loved you with all my heart,

and always will until the day I die.

But sometimes, arrogance and anger gets the best out of me,

and there goes my screams and arguments,

I beg you two,

Please, forgive me.

All my teachers, I thank you.

For being patient with me and my attitude.

Before my time is due,

Please pardon me for the pains I've put you through.

My siblings, my relatives, my joy.

You guys add the flavours in my life, and I thank you.

Had fights and laughters - who can deny that we are one?

I have no doubts that my time is near,

So, please forgive me for all that I've done.

My friends, my readers, and all the people that's around me.

My words can be painful at times,

I realise that now.

Please can you be a dear, and pardon me?

Now, before you get the wrong idea,

I am not going to commit suicide or anything similar.

This is only a note I feel I should write,

To let you know the pain I feel inside.

It never is easy to live a life filled with guilts,

nor is it easy to live a life filled with arrogance and stupidity.

Saying sorry face-to-face is hard for me.

So, I thought writing this would be easy.

And no, I am not asking for your sympathy,

All I'm asking for is your forgiveness, please believe me.




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