Monday, 7 June 2010

I wanna do my degree!! but errr... ¬.¬

Degree, here I come!!
..I wish T.T

Gonna be 18 this year! ^^ InsyaAllah. If I were to do my degree, that would be awesome! One PROBLEM though, I don't know how many courses I can take! I'm thinking of taking 4, but don't know if the uni will let me? :( What Uni I'm talking about? Of course, the one and only - International Islamic University Malaysia :) I've always wanted to go to this uni, but don't know if I can. :( Oh well, there's always Oxford if IIUM doesn't accept me. :D haha xD. Back to my point, why am I so excited for this degree of mine? Well, my future degree I meant. At the moment, I'm studying at Burleigh Community College, doing my AS levels. If and when I go back home in Malaysia, they (IIUM) said
"u can use the A-level (in this we mean the Advanced Level Certificate) to be enrolled in our Undergraduate program proceed for Degree"
Reasons why its cool:
1. Most of my friends are doing matriculation. I'm ahead?! hee~~ :D
2. A 22 year old 'friend' is starting his degree this September, in some other uni (he had to get years of working experience before he could do his degree before this). Me going in uni next year would mean he's only a year ahead of me - 4 years difference in our age, 1 year difference in our studies! muahahahaha xDD
3. I personally never wanted to go to uni. I've always thought of starting my own business instead of furthering studies in uni. Going uni early means leaving uni early which means less money used. :)

Oh well, maybe I'm ambitious, maybe I daydream too much. But, who can ever deny the thrill it gives me to even think about doing this degree?! xP There may have been loads of other people who's done their degree earlier than my age. Who cares - I'm psyched just thinking about uni!! And then I can start my business, and make money and start contributing rather than taking for once in a while. ^^

One thing missing though - the Advanced Level Certificate!! As I've said, currently I'm doing AS level. To get the whole Advanced Level Certificate, I need to do another one year of A2 level. Only then will I have the Advanced Level Certificate, and ONLY then will I be able to 'enroll' myself in the degree thing. Because I cannot wait for a whole year to finish my Advanced Level Certificate, I've told my parents to let me do the A2 exams in January!
The whole school year starts from September until July - exams are done in January and May/ June, meaning I may only do half of the academic school year before the exams. I NEED TO WORK HARD - I KNOW!
Well, actually, for A2 levels, we're starting our 'year' from the next two weeks. By the 14th of June 2010, we will be doing around 5 weeks of school before we break off for the summer holidays. ^^ Obviously I'm planning on studying during the summer holidays and making the school days as my revision. So, degree is still quite far away at the moment.


Oops..wait..I've still got two exams to focus on at the minute. Mechanics 1 and Decision 1 exams next Wednesday - further maths stuff. T.T. STUDY NABIHAH!! So, I really should change my motto for the time being to


Ok. I think I've wrote enough. Salam ^^


  1. I LOVE DAY!! :D

  2. It's frustrating to see someone younger by 5 years than me is as ambitious as this. hehe

    May Allah ease everything for you.

  3. @ love day..i know u do..haha xD

    @Munsyi..hehe :D being ambitious is good innit? :D it shudnt b frustrating. ur obachan wants to be ahead of the ppl..haha xD thk U ^^ I wish u the same too :)



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