Thursday, 10 June 2010

A Level, HERE I COME!!

Salam~ ^^

OK. So today, I finished my AS exams. Mechanics was surprisingly easy (will be considered again when I get my result) and Decision 1 was - as always, 'annoyingly' easy, meaning it may have seen easy but I could have done some mistakes on some questions. Oh well, that's all in the past now.

Tomorrow, InsyaAllah, if I'm still alive - will be the start of my A2 studies! The year 13s (including me) are supposedly starting our A2 courses next week. But, because I would like to do the January exams instead of waiting until June, I guess even four days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) of studying can make a difference.

8 exams to do in January - WOW! Even some teachers are getting concerned now. What on earth has happened to Nabihah? Well, this girl is desperate to go home ASAP! So, allow me to take that risk and let me just show you what I'm capable of..hehe~ InsyaAllah (God's willing).

To all my lovely teachers, (whom I highly doubt you'll read this) I thank you for your concerns. I mean - I have not shown high interests in my studies in AS level, but I promise you (I do?), You are going to see a whole new Nabihah! haha xD 50% of my time on Studying , 20% Facebooking (instead of the other way around) and 30% more on other things! Come on - I am a NORMAL human being! :D

Further Pure 2, Decision Maths 2, Mechanics 2 - I'll cherish you! (will you promise to cherish me too?) <3
Core 3, Core 4, Stats 2 - I'll love you! (as long as you love me too)! <3
Business Studies 3 & 4 - you know I'll never forget you! <3


  1. all da best ek?i'm too worry about da result~geeee

  2. ngee~ :D thxx ^^ same goes to u :D

  3. many exams, many responsibilities. quit facebooking, you'll get 70% of studying. hehe

  4. haha xD quit facebooking means an increase in stress xP



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