Saturday, 5 June 2010

"Kaklang, you're getting married?"

Salam~ ^^

OK, while I was checking my blog, my 10 year old brother walked pass behind me. So, he saw a 'glimpse' of my blog. Unfortunately though, he read the title 'I'm getting married!!' - one of my entries from before. Please read the short entry first before you assume anything. ok? ^^ OR, you can just read through this one and you'll get the idea later ^^.

So, back to my story. After my bro saw that entry (only the title), our heated conversation started:

Bro: Kaklang, you're getting married?!
Me: What? (since I was focused on the blog and didn't hear him properly)
Bro: You're getting married?
Me: What?! No! Who told you that?
Bro: Then, why was that thing saying you're getting married?
Me: Haha..That was a joke..
Bro: No, it wasn't.! I'm gonna tell everyone now.! :)
Me: I am NOT getting married!
Bro: I'm gonna say you ARE married! :)
Me: Yeaahh..tell 'em..
Bro: Kaklang, you can't get married! You're too young!
Me: ....

Ishh3..little kids, give them one more year and they can technically act like your parents. -.-'


  1. is he try 2 playing around?hahahahaha

  2. lol xD was fun hvin a laugh with him tho ^^

  3. Yup. when I see that title for the first time before,I thought u r getting married too.=)

  4. LOL xDD like my bro said..I'm too young..huhu...xP

  5. Bwahahaha~!
    funny laa...sape yg ckp tuh? wawa ke?

  6. lol..yep..u know..i thought of sayin "errkk..NO, I am NOT too young"..but then, i figured he's a kid, he won't get it xP



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