Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Forgiveness (quote)

This is a quote I thought of myself. :) Hope it'll be useful to others ^^

Forgiveness - so easy to be said, but so hard to be felt. It's normal. When you're hurt - Forgiveness seems to be just impossible! All we want is for that person who's caused the pain to feel what they've made us feel. This simple bitterness leads to anger, depression and so many more negative feelings. These negative feelings then makes us treat others badly, as how we've been treated once. The sad cycle then just continues.

Some people are willing to wait for many years only to feed their vengeance and feeling of dominance. One question though, when we let this happen to us - allowing hatred to fill our hearts and take over our life, does that show how well we can dominate others or how others have dominated us? It's better to forgive than fill our hearts with misery and grudge, wouldn't you agree?

One good video I'd like to share:


  1. yes,couldn't agree more. Sorry too. =)

  2. =) apologies from me as well =)



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