Friday, 11 June 2010

This card I made is for my beloved..

My cute little sis is 8 today! Remembering the fact that she made me a birthday card for me before, -

Yaya: kaklang! I got something for you!
Me: Ok? What?
Hands me a christmas card
Yaya: See? Do you like it?
Me reading the title 'Merry Christmas' and thought whaa?? Opened the card and read
"To my lovely sister, kaklang, hope you enjoy your birthday during christmas time"
Me: I don't like it, I LOVE it! Thank you Nadia :)
Obviously I was touched by this time. A week before my birthday and my little sister gave me a card. WOW.

Now, let me highlight the fact that we do NOT celebrate Christmas. We're Muslims :) It's just that my birthday's on the 30th Dec and her class was making Christmas cards. I was so touched when I got the card from her. It was a black card with a chimney. In the chimney was a 'moveable' santa - in and out the chimney. It was pretty clever for a 7 year old kid, I must admit. Sadly though, I don't know where I've put it since I swapped rooms with my little brothers. T.T So, I can't upload the picture. T.T

Oh well, because of that lovely and touching moment. I thought I might make her a card as well :) Too bad I ain't good in arts though. So, during first lesson, I just studied Mechanics 2. When Pauline came, I asked her to help me since she does arts ^^. Thanks Pauline!! :D We had to go to Mr.Cowburn's class (Thanks Mr.Cowburn!) and asked for plain papers, glue, scissors, pencil, hole puncher and not forgetting some ideas on what to say in the card. At first, I thought of writing
"The older you get, the more responsibilities you'll have. So, you might as well help me around the house more"
But then, sir and pauline thought that was a bit harsh - no matter how much I meant it as a JOKE. (or did I?) hehe. So, then, I had the idea of saying

"Happy 8th birthday Sweetheart!"
But then,'ll be weird. I've hardly been that nice. xP In the end, we came up with this simple 'masterpiece' (hehe):

Warning: I am NOT good in arts.

Happy Birthday Nadia!


  1. haha, ok la tu, cantik jugak kad tu..

    mesti cute gile kan ur lil sis?

    kirim hpy blated bday ye~

  2. haha~ cute la jgak..bdak kecik en..hehe~

    InsyaAllah nnt die blik skola nnt kte kirim :)



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