Sunday, 14 February 2010

Bhahmz is a girl! T.T

Before this, there was a guy who added me on my YM because he thought I was a guy. Don't get it wrong now, he's not gay, ok? The reason he added me? God knows. 
Now, I've always thought Bhahmz is not a boyish name and not a girlish either. As it turned out, some people actually thought Bhahmz was a boy. This, was a real shock to me but yeah, I can't help it when people don't know what the word stands for. So, let me just explain the name and get your fact right about this Bhahmz girl, yea?. ;)

Bhahmz = Nabihah Md Zaid

Bhah = Nabihah (short form of Nabihah is Bihah)

M = Md

Z = Zaid

I don't know how you pronounce it, but I pronounce Bhahmz as B-Hah-M-Z (Z as in zee). So, please don't get my nickname confused with a guy's name ;)


  1. ahak ahak..
    skang dah tak konpius daa..

  2. haha..good5 ^-^

    so..dh taw dh cmne nk pronounce? bkan bahamas ye..:)



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