Monday, 8 February 2010

That thing we argued

Love - a beautiful thing when it's true, but a nightmare when it's fake. Before this, during the fasting month I went on Yahoo Messenger and a friend of the opposite gender started a conversation - more like an argument if I were honest. Well, we usually fight online and the only time we're in peace with each other is when we're quiet - pretty much when we're just ignoring each other. What started this whole fight? Truthfully, I don't really know cause I think me and him has always argued, even over the smallest little thing. I've not known him that long, but I can tell you know, he is not like any other guys I've known. I mean, I'm from an all girls school and seeing a guy to me was like "yeah whatever", and most guys that I've known were usually cool and calm - which is why I thought they deserved respect. But this particular boy was just a pain in the neck! He always diss people and treat them as if he was everything that mattered. So, to handle this problem, I tried talking to him. Unfortunately, I never did get my point through.

Our main downfall was the time when he was saying hi to me on yahoo messenger. It all started alright until we get to the subject of coupling. He debated it was fine as long as there's no physical contact. Me? I was sticking to my guns and said "It is NOT". No matter how you try to control your physical contact, it's even harder to control your mind. When you're with your bf/gf, there will always be a side of you that wants to share 'something' with him or her because you think they're 'yours'. To back my point up, I said we should look at the Prophet (PBUH), did he use to go out with girls before he got married? NO! And this so called friend of mine just said. "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm in the 21st century". I mean seriously man, how rude can you get?! That simple sentence from him really did make me think, is he really serious about this thing? Why is he so obsessed with coupling? And then I asked him to go on a conference with me, with someone I knew from This someone was studying in Egypt so I figured he could help us with our ignorance. But then, that friend of mine refused and said he has to go. So, I was like "fair enough. If he doesn't want to listen, that's up to him cause really in the end, it's his life. I tried to tell him what's good and what's not. He doesn't want to listen - that's his problem."

After a while, I felt guilty for arguing with him and decided to say sorry to him on Facebook. What I didn't expect was his reply "Can you stop with all this religious shit?". Errkk..excuse me? If it weren't for this religion, I'd just ignore you and act as if I don't know you. I might as well just pay someone to kill you! Please, pardon drama as I was in complete disbelieve. What's even surprising was, you know how before that he said "coupling is alright as long as there's no physical contact? At school not long after this argument, I saw him putting his hand over a girl right after class.Now I ask you, what kind of a hypocrite is that?! And now, he's not on my Facebook and we just technically ignore each other at school and wherever we may see each other. I don't know if I should feel guilty or what, but I wish he could just stop pretending and show his true self, because his arrogance and lies are really getting on my nerve now. :S


  1. strong fren. Because, islam not fall from others people but ruin by their hypocrite "muslim"...
    Stay in this way, insyaAllah u can meet Allah SWT and "jannah"(syurga)......

  2. Thank U ^-^
    InsyaAllah..amin..I pray you the same too..amin

  3. May Allah showering that guy with HIS guide.

  4. amin..and May Allah shower His Guidance upon us as well..always..



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