Friday, 12 February 2010

How ungrateful we are

It's approx 1:19 in the morning while I'm writing this. I was about to go to sleep, until I came across this blog. For those who doesn't understand the language used in the blog. Let me just summarise the entry. It involved a newspaper article talking about how a 30 year old son left his 57 year old dad opposite a school. This unknown son left his dad with a bag of clothes. Truthfully, when I read the article, tears just came down running down my cheek. I couldn't help it - it was just uncontrollable. How can there be anyone who is as heartless as to leave their own father by the side of the road? Fortunately for the 57 year old man, he met an old friend, who offered to spend some nights at his place. May Allah bless you, old man's friend. And for the son, I won't wish you bad stuff, but I hope you realise your mistake.

How could you ever leave your dad over your wife? For God's sake, your wife is just a wife! No matter how you see it, your dad has been the one raising you up since you were born, so, who are you to treat them as if they're a burden to you, when you've 'burdened' your parents since 9 months before you were given birth to? Ungrateful child, no matter how rich you are now. It might not have been possible if it weren't for your dad's effort to raise you well and healthy, with the education you needed - sending you to school and sacrificing his time and energy just for you. And if you are a Muslim, which I'm pretty sure you are. You better repent mate, cause in the end, you should prioritise your parent first than your wife.

Me and my lovely dad. I love you ayah ^-^

Before this, it was child abuse and rapes and all that sort. And now, throwing away your own dad? Man, that is just SAD. Is it me or has society gone mad?


  1. yeah!!! this i really. really frustrated....
    there's a saying...when u do bad thing to your parents, ur children will do the same to you....
    then, u'll regret it for the rest of your life....

    thanks for such a nice post. looking forward for the next one. I follow u here...ciao...

  2. Thank you cj :)

    I'll try n make the next post more interesting n memorable 4 u ;)

  3. salam singgah di sini..

    bila baca berita tu memang sedih..

    hargailah ibu bapa kita selagi mereka ada kan..

  4. yep2..nnt dh xdek nnt bru nk menyesal..T.T



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