Sunday, 14 February 2010

Jealousy or Stupidity?

Hi, let me just talk you through a little glimpse of my history and my brother's and sister's history. In 2000, me and my family went to England as my dad was furthering his studies there. Because me and my siblings were at a young age - me 8, my sister 11 and my brother 12, the accent of Loughborough started to rub on us. So, the result of it was that whenever we talk English, we had this english accent. Sadly, some people could not find it in their heart to be happy with it when we get back to our beloved home country, Malaysia. I was quite fortunate as my parents sent me to an all girls school. At first there were some people teasing me, but it faded as time pass. But, in my brother and my sister's case. It just never ended. Getting teased from students is fine - we can say it's just immaturity. But, getting teased from a teacher is just AWFUL. Aren't teachers the ones who are supposed to be the one picking us up and supporting us everytime trouble arises? How can it be the one person that my brother and sister can hope on in class were the one that made them a laughing stock? Is it either jealousy or stupidity? Please tell me, cause I would really like to know where it all went wrong. Or, could it be low mentality?

People! When you send little kids to a foreign school, you can always expect the accent to rub on them. We are NOT trying to show off! The accent just happens. For God's sake, we're thankful for having an advantage but that doesn't mean we forget the place where we were born. Everyone has their own speciality, and everyone has their own advantage. Can you not accept us for that unique advantage we were fortunate to have? Why is it, when you see someone a little bit different or a little bit better, you just have to bring them down? Can you not just take them on fair and square? And now, my brother and sister has lost their accent, in order to 'fit in' the school before. Something which I find really SAD.

Ooo, you're probably wondering why I've written this whole post in English? Well, I'm back in England now, just under three years. So, to help my other friends who cannot understand bahasa, I figured I should write in English. If you wanna hate me, don't hate me for who I am, hate me for the effort I put in.

Thank you,


  1. xpatut betul sorang guru btindak sprti itu,,
    xde moral namnye tu..huh

    u all kat sane...lg bape thun sbnarnye,,
    so raye kali ni balik x?huhu

  2. i2 r..ntah ape r cikgu 2 tgh pkkan..

    cikgu kte lg ckp nk p england je..die ckp org besakan diri..:S like WAT?? huhu..T.T

    sblum ni..wk2 2000, dtg England sbb ayh bwat masters..pas2 blik blik ke malaysia wk2 2001..

    n den prtghan 2007..kitorg dtg cni blik sbb ayh nk wat PhD plak..

    InsyaAllah blik nk kte further cni..huhu..T.T

  3. those ppl must be low mentality, stupid, immature and jealous. tht is all I can say. i hate those kind of teachers. in fact, I hate teachers. but not all of them.=P

  4. lol..I wouldn't say I h8 teachers..I juz h8 the ways some teachers treat me T.T xP



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