Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Coupling - worth the drama?

Hey hey, how's it going? Now, the title - straightforward enough for you? Well, I'm pretty sure the title speaks for itself, and before you tell me "Oh, Nabihah, stop being so shallow. We're in the 21st century, be open minded!" Errkk..News flash! I am being open minded - which is why I say NO to coupling!

What? You think being in the 21st century makes us better than the people that comes before us? Don't make me laugh! People nowadays are like animals hunting for prey - this goes primarily to the people who would do anything just to fulfill their burning lusts.

Why do I say NO to coupling?

We, especially youngsters like to try and experience new things - who wouldn't? With all the peer pressure, always wanting to be like that person whom everyone 'loves', coupling seems to be the only way for us to say "Yeah, I'm cool!" One question - are you sure? Or are you just being a fool? What is the point of 'loving' someone when you can't even love yourself? I have a friend who just cannot 'live' without having a boyfriend, pretty sad but hey, that's reality. Why I asked her, and she said she doesn't want to be lonely. Earth to you - you are not going to be alone! No matter who you are, of course you will have some friends in your life, and not forgetting your family! Sure, it's nice to feel 'loved' by a significant other. But, how can we be sure of this 'love' they offer? For all you know, they may say they'll love you for the rest of their lives when the truth is, they just want to get in bed with you and just leave you sober. Now, where's the fun in that? Imagine - you give yourself in for a guy who you think is 'the one' and find yourself pregnant three months later, and about to have a baby with no father six months after? How is that going to make you look cool? If you ask me - that'll just make you look like a slut!

When I was in Malaysia, my friend argued, if you never coupled with anyone, how can you have the experience? My question : Why would you need experience for something that will only make it worse for you? Yes, we learn from our mistakes, but unfortunately, we cannot erase our mistakes. Look at the world now, when girls are ashamed of having an illegitimate child, what do they do to the baby? They just throw away the baby as if the baby has no life or value. Now, what is the point of coupling if it's only going to lead to immorality and inhumanity? If there were no coupling, and marriage was a must before you can take your 'partner' out, there would not be a single problem of child mistreatment.

Another problem with coupling -because it has been so easy for people to 'try' others, more and more people are becoming homosexuals. Why? Why not? They've already 'tasted' the opposite gender, why not 'try' stuff on people of the same gender. And what's even worse, now that sex is so easy to get, some people do have the insane mind as to sodomise little kids. If you don't believe me, read the newspapers - there are more and more paedophiles in this world.

My bet is you'll probs say "Maaan, chill out..We only live life once..Let's just enjoy it while it last" Wrong! Don't ever forget this key important fact - there is another life after this life, which will be determined by how we live our life here on the face of the Earth. Yes we can enjoy life, but everything has a limit. If there were no rules in this life, people would just take things for granted, and this World would have been destroyed like thousands of years ago.

Well, to end this entry. I know I'm just a normal, ordinary girl like all the girls in this world - filled with imperfections and you might say I have no right to tell you what to do, and you're probably right to. This post was only an advise for the people who's desperate for reminders. If you still choose to go along with coupling, please don't let it end like this :

*Please pardon the manner in which I have written this post.

Salam ^-^

*Addition: Harapan seekor seperma a post i find really interesting and funny, and a lesson for us all.


  1. it comes down to how well you can think for yourselves, ey?


  2. hmm..but sometimes..wat we think is best for us usually ends up as the worst for someone else..

    I mean..you can hv like a Pedo thinkin to himself,
    "yea, I'll just rape the kid and act as if nothing has happened, then I'll never get caught"
    In the end, the victim will be his young victims,
    which is not nice at all..T.T

    an interesting post to share:

  3. like dis post.
    i've learnt my lesson already

  4. like ur opinion and ur thought..=)



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