Friday, 12 February 2010

Valentine's day = No panties day?

Woah! Malaysia, Malaysia, Malaysia. It's been just under three years I've been in England and now all I hear is this "No-panties campaign" that's been going on in Malaysia? From what I've read from fellow bloggers, this 'No Panties' campaign is to encourage girls not to wear panties on valentine's day, to show their love to their partners. How STUPID can you get?! How on earth does not wearing panties prove anything? Oh right, maybe I'm forgetting one simple fact - it proofs you're a FOOL if you follow this stupid campaign! And I'm sure glad I ain't one of them.

I don't know, maybe the fact that it will make you look like a complete slut! And don't worry darling, not just to the public - but to your 'beloved' boyfriend as well! I'm sorry to sound rude but it's the truth. Oh, how the truth hurts. Think about it, if he loves you, does he really need you to 'prove' your love to him? Why do you need to prove your love to him when he hasn't even proven his love to you? And don't give me that lame "Oh, he's proven his love by giving me flowers and taking me out on a romantic dinner". That ain't a proof, that's just his way of making you fall for his cunning tricks. One simple proof of a man's love is marriage. If he truly loves you, as in, he loves you from the bottom of his heart, he doesn't have to take you out. All he would want to do is ask you to be his wife and share his entire life with you.
After you guys get married, can do whatever you want with him. (As long as you don't cross the line that is)

May I remind my fellow Muslim sisters that Valentine's day is haram? Why you ask? Basically because it is a form of Syirk (Syirik). Don't believe me? Click here. Can we think about this campaign for a moment and think who and what started it? Hurmm..Let's see, people has been trying to attack Islam since the years of the Prophet (PBUH). Don't you think this could be one of our enemy's strategy to bring down Islam. They'll start with these kinds of stuff, make us all obsessed with 'love' that we forget the main purpose of life. And when they see us off guard, BANG! That's when they'll make their move. So, I beg you my fellow brothers and sisters. Do not fall prey into their tricks and let's start learning and improving ourselves for the future - both the hereafter and our future on the face of the Earth.

Everyone has their ego and just wants to follow what their 'heart' tells them to do, without realising that it's actually the shaytan's whispers. Well, if you have read this entry, and you still want to follow these stupid Valentine traditions and the stupid 'No Panties' campaign. I pray you well cause I don't know how a person can be so bravely stupid enough as to get themselves closer to hell.
Not no to panties, say no to the campaign and Valentine's day!



  1. Agree with u sweetie!
    Stupidity raising among some people and can't differentiate between good and bad.

    Sigh sigh sigh~

  2. yep2..hope we wont be one em..^-^

  3. Thank U stylishboutique2u ^-^
    agree2 la lg ye dgn entries laen ;) :D

  4. Stupid is an understatement! I wonder what will they come up with next year?

  5. yup2..whoever follows/followed it will undoubtedly be even unbelievably stupider..T.T

  6. Salam.
    Oh baru tau pasal kempen ni.
    kt UK ek?
    kt kanada takde pulak dgr, mintak2 takde

  7. setahu sy, dkt malaysia.
    kalo kat UK ni dorg buat, sy x brpe risau - dh mmg prangai org kat cni cm2 - org xdek agama dan pegangan an? asalkan dorg x babitkan sy n cbe influence sy utk buat bende2 senonoh cmni, sy ok je. :)

    harapnye begitu. =)



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