Saturday, 13 February 2010

The media and its effects

Music, movies and all the things that can make a simple nobody to a somebody. But, are these nobodies really making themselves a somebody, or are they just showing themselves as some desperate human beings who are begging for attention that they'd do anything to get it?

Look at the well-known artists nowadays. Do they sell their music through their songs and voice? Or are they selling their music through the video clips? Most songs today, I just keep on wondering. Do they have any REAL meaning? Now, I am NOT saying all songs of today's world is crap or meaningless. It's just that, from my view, most songs today are sex orientated and the video clips are just focused on young women stripping their clothes off and act like some sort of a sex slave. It could be because I'm in the western side of the world. But the fact of the matter remains, we are getting more and more bad influence from these kinds of people! If you want to sell your songs, you don't need to include pornography or anything of that sort. Just sing and show your audience the real you. Not some garbage done only to attract perverts.

Do you have a kid? Tell me now, would you like your kids to be exposed to such indecency from a young age? Be realistic, if kids are exposed to the 'adult' world before the appropriate age, this world is going to be a hell lot worse than it is now. Teenage pregnancy will be on the rise. Child abuse. Domestic violence and we will most likely see a rise in peadhophiles. The reason I say paedohiles? When society are getting more 'open' on sex, more people especially youngsters are going to want to 'try' sex until at last, they just can't find a limit to it. When this happens, it would mean that sex are easy to get. And, when these certain people get tired of 'adult' sex. They will most likely hunt down on other types of people, maybe people of their own gender and what would be worse, if these certain people hunt down on young children to fill their curiousity and burning lusts. Would you want to send your children to school feeling scared that they might get raped or something like that? Surely not!

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying all songs are bad. Some are quite inspiring and meaningful. It's just that some artists use sexy women to attract more audience to their albums. A pretty lame way of getting people if you ask me. But, that's the truth I suppose. To them, it's all about the free and 'fun' life, without thinking of the influence they bring into today's world and how it will affect the future.


  1. the media should pay more attention to the enviroment matter compare to the artist .what do you think?

  2. yep..i agree wif u..

    global warming is getting worse..
    n ppl seem to care more about entertainment now that they pay no attention to the future of generations 2 come T.T

  3. well, business always comes first. :(

  4. in the end..the business will not do as good as they hope as crime rises.T.T

    By then, trying to make a change would seem impossible..T.T



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