Thursday, 11 February 2010

How to be a good friend

A good friend, who wouldn't want one? Ever felt like you're just not good enough but don't know where to improve? Well, you've come to the right place. I used to annoy a lot of my friends before, just for the sake of having fun and from that, I've learned how to be a good friend, and stay as a good friend.


No one likes being interrupted when they're talking, so, when someone talks, keep yourself quiet and listen to them, especially if they're feeling down, you need to be the shoulder for them to cry on. If you have any comment to make, be sure that you word it in a way where you don't sound too negative, otherwise, they may just take it as you trying to put them down. When you just don't share the same interest or you're not in the mood to listen to them, politely let them know and ask them to understand.

Always smile.

Everyone has their bad days, it's unavoidable. The least you can do is, whenever you see your friends, smile and say hello. That way, if they had a bad day, you can make them feel better with your smile along with your ear, and maybe, you can share something funny to cheer them up.

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  1. Jaga tutur kata jgn sampai mengecilkan hati org lain. Kawal lidah!

  2. I'm sorry? Did I say anything wrong?

  3. yep2..people come n go..but only good frens stay with u till death do u part ^-^



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