Monday, 8 February 2010

Muslims, it's time we rise up - peacefully

Lately, I've seen a lot of Facebook groups saying they hate Israel for their mistreatment towards Gaza. And personally, I just wonder, does this really help our fellow brothers and sisters in Palestine? By all these kinds of groups, growing hatred in our hearts, are we really helping those innocent people in Palestine? The answer is NO! In fact, we're just giving Islam a bad image. I mean, think about it - if we kept on making groups like "I hate Israel", what would that say about Islam? It will only give the image of a religion that is filled with hatred, which is the absolute opposite of what Islam really is about. You want to help Palestine? Help yourself first. Have you prayed 5 times a day? Do you do any charity? Do you watch your mouth while you're talking? Do you control your patience every single time something bad happens or when you get mistreated?

Before we do anything irrational, we need to think how others will see us. As long as you're a Muslim, people will see what you do as what your religion tells you to. Why? Because, we're the most people that actually sticks with their religion., and say no to atheism (the belief there is no God). So, let's show them what Islam is all about - Peace and the belief in one God.

I mean, let's be rational and look at how Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) would be. He's been thrown rocks by the musyhrikin, but never has he thrown a single rock back and no not a single rude, disrespectful word he let out. Instead, he remained patient and prayed Allah (SWT) to forgive them, and be given Nur Hidayah. Who are we to go against him, if we call ourselves his Ummah? Come on my fellow brothers and sisters, let's rise up and fight for Islam - peacefully ^-^

And now, I must leave you with an inspiring song for us Muslims :)



  1. i'm totally agree with you nabihah,

    even small case in malaysia like the used word Allah in cristian magazine also some muslim very fanatics and give the bad image for islam, like try to burn the church.

    and another case like lynette lincorn( you can refer to this Kes Lynette Lincoln ), some of muslim also take the irrational decision

  2. hmm..dats wat I've heard..I'm currently in the UK..n myb bak in Malaysia by July InsyaAllah..
    I hope this fanatism stops b4 den..:S

    the thing my opinion, who are we to say:
    "oh mamat 2 dh sesat..jom serang!!" sdgkan Allah SWT bole kac hidayah kat sesape je yg Dia nak..
    mne r taw yg sblum nie jht2..dpt hidayah n jd Muslim yg lg bgus dr kte an?
    hmm..I guess..the probs with us: we look too much on others' faults that we overlook ours :S
    *n this is a reminder to myself as well

    Thanks Danny ^-^



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