Sunday, 14 February 2010

How 'love' can be horrible

She used to be so happy,
Always smiling and always jolly.
But now she's changed,
Over a cute guy she claimed.

Ever since Nick came,
Her life is filled with shame,
that she herself refuse to accept.
Everynight, alcohols and sex,
Her dignity, where has it set?

Drugs and abuses,
she makes up excuses,
saying Nick is fine,
and will always shine,
sleeping with the guy is enough to make her smile,
and cover up the lies.

How pitiful, how sad,
this girl's life is going mad,
her parents she left,
for a guy who's aim is his lust,
not the 'love' he claims,
nor is marriage is in his mind

How pitiful, how sad,
Come on girl, wake up before it's too late,
the guy is a monster,
leave him be,
and go to your parents,
make them happy, which I'm sure they'll be,

I guess it's too late,
now that she dumped her baby in the bin,
following him was the worst mistake,
and now, another life is lost,
due to that horrible lust he has.

Come on girl,
please wake up,
before you decide to dump another child,
leave him be, and be free!


  1. kecian...sebabkan cinta kat lelaki sahaja....ish33

  2. yup..rsenye ini la yg slalu jd kat ngare kte..T.T



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