Saturday, 20 February 2010

How far would you go for your baby?

When I was a baby - I was a total pain! And you can see the proof from my dad's scars on his back. :) I didn't mean to but it happened. We used to live in a two-storey house, meaning we had stairs.

People use stairs to get up and down the house. Me? I saw it as way of 'sliding' downstairs. So, what happened? My dad saw me running to the stairs, and because I was too fast, he had to grab hold of me and 'slide' on his back. Of course, since I was still young and unable to think what's right and what's wrong. What's fun and what's dangerous. So, I can't really say I'm a pain. I can be, unintentionally that is. :)

Alhamdulillah. If it weren't for my dad, I might not be able to see this day and write this entry. So, before I go. I'd like to say

Thank you Ayah!
I love you!


  1. oh goodness.. naughty nya YOU! :P

  2. hehe..xpe kot..mnambahkan pahala ayh 2 ;)

  3. Our father always sacrifice a lot.We tend to forget it as we're getting older. I love my father too. ^_^

  4. yep2..sometimes, we think we're grown up that we don't have the time to care..huhu..T.T

    glad u do ^-^ not like dat dumb dude who dumped his dad by the road..T.T



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